Captain's Corner

Want to get your friends together on a weekly basis? Be the Captain they need.



So what is an Underdog Captain?

Only one of the coolest roles to exist and we're so glad U want to be one! You'll be responsible for Signing Up and creating your Team for the season. While it may feel overwhelming...we're here to help. We've broken down all of the key parts of being a Captain below!





How do I build my roster?

As the Captain, you will build your roster AND send TeamPayer requests using the FunLink

Rosters lock the day after the Week 2 games, so make sure your team is complete by then!


What is TeamPayer?

TeamPayer is an easy way for your teammates to pay their portion of the Team Balance, so you don’t have to! Send a FunLink to your teammates from your player page with a default amount input.  When a player Accepts their roster spot, they pay their portion of the Team Balance directly to Underdog, in accordance with Underdog’s Team Payment Policy



How much does each league cost?

League costs vary from sport to sport and estimated prices can be found on the Sport Facts Page!


Do I need to pay the entire Team Balance when I register?
Nope! Captains only pay the deposit at the time of registration, which varies depending on the sport and location. The remaining balance is due 7 days before the league's start date. As your teammates Accept their roster spot via the
FunLink, they will pay their portion and the Team Balance will reduce! 




Where and when do we play?

When you register your team, you choose the location and day of the week you will be playing. Teams usually play 5-7 regular season games plus a possible additional 1-2 weeks of playoffs for qualifiying teams.


When will I receive my team's schedule?  When will I receive the FULL season schedule? 
The first week schedule is emailed out to Captains 5-7 days before the league start date. We only do the first week schedule so that we can take into account team skill level and schedule requests before making the full season schedule, which will be posted 1-2 days after your first game.


Is it possible to make schedule requests?

Yes!  A schedule request can be made prior to the schedule being released and consists of asking for a specific time, date, or location of your game.  Captains can input Schedule Requests through your "Manage Team" panel.  You can purchase a single date request for $20 or a full season for $80.  If we are unable to accommodate the request, there will be no charge.






Your Player Page is your One-stop Shop for ALL things Captain, Player, and Team related.


Teams: See all of your past and current teams, view your receipts, and quickly Sign Up for the next league by clicking on Play It Again.


Schedule: You can now view current and past schedules of all of the team's you have played on.


Profile: Update your personal information, add and edit your credit card via My Wallet, and opt-in to text and email alerts.


Gift Cards: Find the codes, amounts, and balances of any Gift Cards that can be redeemed towards any league.


Messages: View past and current team's internal messages.







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