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Players of the Game

Sep 24 - May 20

Austin L


Happy Anniversary to Austin and Hannah! You guys rock!

Kimi N

Lords of Pinterfell

Broke 100!!!

Erin B

Irritable Bowl Syndrome - Indy #B11

Wow! She did great that second game!

Samantha E

Path of Scrotality

Green machine

Jimmy B

6 Balls 3 Holes

In fire

Alex F

Glory Bowl

9 frames of great bowling

Alex B

Lickity Splits


Suzanne P

Indy #B3


Kevin L

Balls of Fire

High scoring game leading to the championship game

Players of the Week

Sep 24 - May 20

Ashwath Murali


Bowling provides a fantastic opportunity to socialize with your team AND an chance to make new connections across the lane. Ashwath naturally embraces the Underdog spirit and is always bonding with his opponents! Fist bumps, smiles, and laughs - keep those coming!

Patrick Levitt

What what in the Gutt-er

Opening night, there's a heck of a lot going on- where are shoes, what's our lane, did everyone sign the waiver, team meeting, photos, how's scoring work, times almost up(!), and so much more.  Shout out to Patty from What What in the Gutt-er for being a Field Ambassador's dream and repping what Underdog is all about.  From being a solid teammate, cheering on just about every frame - to reaching across the aisle and getting to know the opponent - to delivering a turkey in his final frame - to his awesome proactive communication and embracing of the rules ... Patty simply rocks!

Abby Winter

Bowling Brawls

It's the little things in life- a solid high five, light-hearted banter across the volleyball net, or connecting with someone over a city you both left behind.  Next time you're hanging out on the lane, remember to chat the opposition up- a future friend might be found through something as nominal as your area code or alma mater. Shout out to my fellow Chicago gal, Abby from Bowling Brawls! Your fantastic energy, charisma, and willingness to learn more about those sharing in Underdog's oasis make you a fantastic community member! I know you've sampled a few different sports (and have grown your crew along the way) - thank you for bringing that Midwestern volume and inclusiveness to Seattle!

Jimmy Blais

6 Balls 3 Holes

The man bowled a 253... Dang, four strikes then a Spare, then four strikes and a Spare... Dang.

Eric Klapperich

Throughout the night, it was clear that West Seattle Pinheads would be on their way to the championship. Eric was a key part of that equation! With his superb bowling skills, Eric contributed greatly to his success. Way to go!

Spirited and Dominant!

Babes & Balls - Indy #B17

Dressed in WWE garb along with the rest of her team, Jessica put on a dominating performance on the evening. Frame after frame, she outpaced her competition, proving to be a key cog in her team's victory. For being the MVP of the big game, Jessica is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Hootin' and Hollerin'

This week, Joe summoned a chorus of cheers and chants from his teammates as he exhibited masterful control of the bowling ball. Like an artist, he guided his rolls to the perfect spot, simultaneously demonstrating style and precision. For another great performance, this seasoned veteran earns player of the week honors. Congratulations!

Frame Domination

This week at the Garage, Matt simply cleaned up. Over his two games, he bowled multiple turkeys. When he didn't bowl a strike, you could rest assured he'd pick up the spare. It was a great night for Matt!

Adam Skarr

Livin on a Spare

An early arriver - Adam is a delight to have at league. A very welcoming and friendly personality who was quite the ball of energy tonight! Picking up some impressive spares and stringing together some solid frames - Adam was having a great night and making sure others were as well. Lots of high fives and cheering could be heard from lane 11. Great work tonight!

Trevour Risks Nothing

Every Pin Counted

Every pin counted this match up. When EPC won the first game they seemed comfortable with their lead. Unfortunately Gutter Humiliation wasn't going down easy. They rolled 5 pins ahead in the last game. Luckily Trevour was on point both games hitting 183 and 172 to give EPC the lead in pin count, winning the match up. Great job Trevour