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Players of the Game

Mar 18 - Oct 16

Austin L


Happy Anniversary to Austin and Hannah! You guys rock!

Kimi N

Lords of Pinterfell

Broke 100!!!

Erin B

Irritable Bowl Syndrome - Indy #B11

Wow! She did great that second game!

Suzanne P

Indy #B3


Players of the Week

Mar 18 - Oct 16

Evan Everson

Fall City 6

Thanksgiving came early for this guy when he scored a turkey in the first game!

Camille Jwo


Camille not only has fashion sense (did ya'll see her killer Japanese baseball tee this week?) - but she always is emanating joy. From the little dances Camille does after each ball to the laughs and effortless conversation - it's clear that she is a beloved member of Barbowlza. Not to mention, she has had an impressive season so far - it's week 5 and she FINALLY took her first "penalty shot" as prescribed by Barbowlza's team rules. Keep it up, Camille!

Alvis Harris

Hyatt Regency Seattle

When your team is 17 players deep week one - there are a lot of moments where things can break down. Alvis has truly been a team captain wizard - being the communication point, keeping the games paced, and coordinating who/when/where. Captains wear many hats and it's often overlooked. We just wanted to say, "Alvis, we see all the work you're doing and you're killing' it!". Thank you for being an Underdog captain and good luck next week in the playoffs!

Paul Whaley

Bowlin' With The Homies

Monday night bowling - I love seeing your faces! The 6:30pm energy is exactly what we all need as the work week starts to take traction. Congratulations to Paul from Bowling' With the Homies for being our player of the week! Paul has some wonderful witty banter and will definitely buoy your spirits and have you smiling in no time. Leagues are pretty hectic at times and Paul has mastered the ability to keep the balls rolling, literally, and still foster fun energy on the lane. Thanks for being an Underdog, Paul!

Nathan Erickson

Killer Teddies

Nate- You are this week's Player of the Week! ::crowd goes wild:: With only a season or two under your belt, we see you making progress every week. This week, each frame you bowled, your first ball had a higher pin fall than the frame before. In addition to your personal play improving, you are always there for the Killer Teddies to celebrate your teammates' successes. We love having you as an Underdog!


Chris’s Turkey

Did you know it’s called a “sizzling turkey” if you bowl three strikes within the first 3 frames in a game of bowling? I didn’t! This week, Chris is our player of the week for his turkey (which was not sizzling but was still quite impressive)!

Evan Everson

Fall City 6

Evan Everson is this week's player of the week for his mullet wig! He pulled out all the stops on Sunday for the theme of Sunglasses at Night/80's Night. Not only does his team have matching bowling shirts (très chic), but he wore his blonde mullet PROUDLY without taking it off once all night. Congratulations Evan, keep the creativity coming!

Angie Gangon

Livin' on a Spare

6:30 crew !!! Thank you thank you thank you for the rad effort y'all made for our inaugural theme night: I wear my sunglasses at night. Remember that the team with the most spirit tix at the end of the season will receive a fabulous prize - so feel free to BYO theme on the off-weeks. Shout out to this week's player of the week, Angie! Angie brings the energy and enthusiasm all match long. Absolutely love the cheers she helped make up this week, "O-shen!" and her ability to get her whole team involved. Thank you Angie for being a rockstar and leader on the lanes! We love having you in the league!

Chris Mingle

I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter

Bowling is a bit unpredictable- you never know what lane you're going to get and how it's going to function that night... but what we do get to control when the lane throws you lemons instead of pin drops- is how we roll with it. Shout out to Chris from I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter for being excellent with communication, understanding, and problem solving (in addition to leadership and stellar bowling skills). We love having you as an Underdog as a captain and player!

Hope Shwom

Bowling with the Punches

Opening night had such great energy and so many new faces! Being new to a system can be overwhelming and sometimes prohibitive... BUT! not if you have a bowling-spirit guide like Hope at your side! Hope was not only bringing the energy to lane 8, but she was leading pep talks, and making sure her teammates were informed and taken care of. Hope is not a new face to Underdog's Turkey Bowling League and we are so excited to have her back and to meet the new players she has recruited to join the party. Thank you Hope for being a natural ambassador of fun!