How To Beat The Seattle Freeze

All the info you need about how to make NEW friends through sports!

Leagues with availability for Individuals and Small Groups: 


Spring into FUN with New Friends!   



   Capitol Hill

     Mondays/Wednesdays - March 2nd

     Tuesdays/Thursdays - March 3rd

   West Seattle

     Sundays - March 15th


     Sundays - March 15th

     Saturdays - March 28th



   Lower Woodlands

     Tuesdays - March 31st

     Mondays - April 6th

   Ballard Boys & Girls Club

     Sundays - April 5th

   Downtown at Cascade Playfield

     Mondays/Wednesdays - April 13th

     Tuesdays/Thursdays - April 14th


Flag Football

   Seattle Center under the Space Needle

     Co-ed Saturdays - March 28th

     Men's Saturdays - March 28th

     Co-ed Sundays - March 29th

     Men's Sundays - March 29th

     Co-ed Thursdays - April 9th

     Men's Thursdays - April 9th


Indoor Volleyball

   Seattle Central

     Softcore Tuesdays - March 10th

     Softcore & Midcore Thursdays - March 12th

   First Baptist 

     Midcore Wednesdays - March 11th



   The Garage on Capitol Hill 

     6:30pm Mondays - April 6th

     7pm Sundays - April 19th



Thinking about signing up as an Individual? Here’s what you need to know: 


What is an Indy (Individual) Team?


Underdog spends a lot of time on the creation of Indy Teams for our leagues, which we build from other individual registrations. This becomes YOUR team! An Indy is someone who is passionate to play Underdog Sports and wants to sign up by themselves or with a friend or two (small group) because you may not have the numbers to make a full team.



1.  You will place your card on file upon registration, but you will NOT be charged until you have been placed on a team.

2. Team placement is NOT guaranteed with registration. After registration, you will immediately receive a "Not Offered" email, which just means that we haven't started to create the Indy Team. Most Indy players sign up months in advance of a league. You will receive an "Offered" email if we have a spot for you! 

3. You can sign up solo or with a small group as Teammate Requests. Co-ed groupings have a better shot at team placement as we are typically looking for more ladies to join! Other factors to consider regarding team placement are sign-up date, and previous Underdog Indy experience (we try to have a good balance of new and experienced players).

4. Communication with your teammates is key. Once placed on a team, be sure to let your teammates know if you plan on being at the game or not in case we need to help with subs! (Only pre-approved subs can play on Indy teams).

5. Even if you do not get a spot in the league you registered for, we will do our best to get you placed on a team for another location or day of the week so it’s important to stay open minded and be flexible in your schedule!

And most importantly... Let us know about your Underdog Indy experience, so that we can help you, and others, have a great time at the fields, on the courts, or in the Sponsor Bars!

Becoming A Captain

Did you have a great time playing as an Indy with Underdog? Have you already started thinking about next season? It now pays to become a Captain with Underdog…LITERALLY!

For ANY returning Indy who becomes a first time Captain, you will receive a FREE Deposit (Full refund of your deposit & have that same amount decreased from your team's total). All you have to do is sign up and let us know how awesome you are by putting “First Time Indy Captain” in the comments at registration.

Keep in mind that your teammates on your roster can be anyone. They don't have to be returning Indy players, so you can build your roster with friends, family, or co-workers!

If you have any questions, send us an email to