Starting Soon

Flag Football

   Seattle Center (Co-ed & Gentlemen's)

     Saturdays - Sept 22nd..ONE spot left each!

     Sundays - Sept 23rd...TWO spots left!   

   Juanita HS - (Co-ed & Gentlemen's)

     Tuesdays - Oct 16th




     Sundays - Oct 14th   




‚Äč     Thursdays - Oct 25th

     Wednesdays - Nov 7th

Weekends are about to get an UPGRADE!

It’s a Sunday afternoon, your Fantasy Football league has been devastated by morning games. Just when you think the weekend has lost all potential, you remember your friend asked you to join their Underdog Flag Football team at Seattle Center. Tragic morning events are forgotten as soon as that first flag is pulled from a receiver who thought they had you beat. Now your weekend story can end in glory! 

Sign ups are open for Flag Football at Seattle Center this Fall on Saturdays & Sundays!





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Convert your Office Space into a Fun Center

Need to throw a party at the office?


With our Conference Room Olympiad, FunCorp will convert your existing conference room, parking lot, or open work space into a customized Friend-Building Party!


Our "Parties with a Purpose" will create memories, such as the time you sank a hole-in-one, hit the bullseye in Soccer Darts, or most important that moment you gave your co-worker a high five as you got to know them a little better.


Who says work can't be productive AND fun??

 Big Turkey Bowling is Here!

Gobble Gobble! It's that time of year again when some of the FUN moves inside! 
Gather your friends, co-workers, and other awesome folks and sign up for Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage on Capitol Hill this Fall! 
Imagine 6 weeks of cool prizes, goofy spirit nights, and epic adventures where the only expectation is having a great time. Are you ready?
Sign ups are open for leagues on both Sunday and Monday nights starting September 10th!

FunCorp - Corporate Events Powered by Underdog

Can we help with "friend building" and your company culture?

As the largest provider of adult recreational sports leagues in the Pacific Northwest, Underdog's FunCorp Division is Seattle's best source to make your next corporate event or holiday party one to remember! 

Let's start planning today!



Signing Up As An Individual?

Signing Up As An Individual?

Here's what you need to know!

Underdog is a great way to meet new people if you've just moved to town or are looking for something new to do. When you register as an Indivdual or "Indy" your name is put on a list and when enough people register we make an "Individual Team" and introduce you to a whole group of new people.


Have another friend or two who want to play with you as well?  No problem.  In your signup there will be a spot to enter their name(s) so that we can place you all on the same Individual Team. Also, be on the lookout for our Indy Parties - another great way to meet and socialize with people!


Check out our Indy Rundown Page for more info and upcoming leagues!


Why and How to Get Started with Underdog!