Flag Football

   Seattle Center

     Co-ed Saturdays - March 28th

     Men's Saturdays - March 28th...Indy Spots Also Available!!




     Mondays 8:30pm - April 6th



   First Baptist

     Midcore Mondays - April 6th






Signing up individually?  Check out the Indy Rundown for leagues that need you!








     Mondays/Wednesdays - April 6th

   Lower Woodlands

     Thursdays - April 9th

     Mondays - April 13th


     Mondays/Wednesdays - April 13th

     Tuesdays/Thursdays - April 14th 

Kickball at Denny Field is Back!

BREW Seattle

Denny T/Th Spring Kickball is open for registration! Don't miss out on one of the LAST opportunities to play at this location! Sign up HERE before it fills up, starts Tuesday April 21st.  

Don't forget to check with your HR Dept. to see if your boss will foot the bill for your Company Team!

Summer Leagues Open & Spring Kickoff Party at Leny's!


BREW Seattle

Join us at Leny's on Tuesday April 7th at 5:00pm to celebrate Spring with some games, giveaways and libations. Summer registration also opens that day so come check out what's new at Underdog this coming season. RSVP here for updates and info!

Save The Date!


Red Rubber Showdown is July 25th, Sign Ups Open Soon!

Click here to check out the fun from last year.



Signing Up As An Individual?

Signing Up As An Individual?

Here's what you need to know!

Underdog is a great way to meet new people if you've just moved to town or are looking for something new to do. When you register as an Indivdual or "Indy" your name is put on a list and when enough people register we make an "Individual Team" and introduce you to a whole group of new people.


Have another friend or two who want to play with you as well?  No problem.  In your signup there will be a spot to enter their name(s) so that we can place you all on the same Individual Team. Also, be on the lookout for our Indy Parties - another great way to meet and socialize with people!


Check out our Indy Rundown Page for more info and upcoming leagues!


Why and How to Get Started with Underdog!