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Member Benefits

Awesome perks of playing with Underdog!

The perks of being and Underdog are pretty obvious, getting your favorite people together to participate in your favorite sports. But here are some of the less commonly known Underdog Member Benefits.


Sponsor Bars

Underdog is partnered with Sponsor Bars all throughout the city. Each league is matched up with a local bar that provides an awesome deal for the pre or post play party, show up wearing your Underdog gear and even get deals when it’s not game day!



Super Parties


Underdog’s biggest party of the year is Halloween! It only makes sense for a league that highly encourages dressing up at weeknight Bowling, Bocce, Kickball and Cornhole. Underdog members enjoy access to early ticket prices, VIP passes and goodie bags.  Join us for the greatest dance party and costume contest of the year! Check out photos from last year.


Super Bowl

Every year Underdog throws the ultimate Super Bowl Party! With the success of the Seahawks last year it was our greatest one yet with a huge HD Projector, Pizza, Skittles, drink specials and seats for everyone! Regardless of the match up, Underdog knows how to throw down for the Super Bowl. Here is some proof!




Always keep an eye on our Facebook Page for up to date details!


Viewing Parties

Here at Underdog we are huge fans of all Seattle sports and what better way to enjoy those exciting away games than to watch with your Underdog team! Underdog throws Viewing Parties at our awesome sponsor bars. No need to worry about cramming your way into the hottest sports bar, we’ll save you a seat! With drink specials from our sponsors and prizes you can’t lose.


Indy Mingle Events

New to the city? Looking to make new friends? There is a reason our tag line is More Friends, More Fun! Signing up as an Indy can be a great way to meet people and a perk of being an Underdog is we host Indy Events so you can meet even more people and enjoy libations, games and prizes while you do it!



Season Tickets

What’s the next best thing to playing your favorite sport? Watching your favorite team play it! Underdog has Mariners Club Seats and Seahawk Season tickets that we use for prizes, raffles and league incentives. Every Underdog player has a chance throughout the year to win!




Red Rubber Showdown

Underdog hosts the biggest Co-Ed Kickball Tournament in the country every July, Red Rubber Showdown! Greenlake is taken over by over 55 Underdog Kickball teams for a day with Party Busses to take teams to field, sponsor bars and to the Second Chance Cornhole Tourney for all of those teams that didn’t make the playoffs to have another chance at victory.



Needle Bowl is our December Flag Football Tourney that happens at Memorial Stadium underneath the Space Needle. Co-Ed teams spend a weekend vying for the Title of Underdog Flag Football Champions!




PRIZES! What other league do you not only get to play like a kid but you also get to win prizes for it!? Every Underdog Champion team receives a prize, but they’re not the only ones! In each of our Leisure leagues (Bocce & Bowling) we offer not only a Champs prize but also a prize for the Most Spirited team.