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Why Underdog Softball?

Why Underdog Kickball?

Underdog offers 21+ Co-ed Recreational Softball Leagues throughout the greater Seattle area and the Eastside. 


Registration includes:

  • Team Uniforms
  • Trained Umpires
  • Start each game with a NEW ball 
  • 0-0 start count with 1 courtesy foul
  • Team webpage with team photo, game by game record, and standings
  • Unique game schedule based on team's skill level
  • Season is 6-7 weeks of 90 minute/7 inning games (whichever comes first)
  • Sponsor Bars for post game celebrations


Play with 10 in the field (minimum 8 players) with at least 3 of each gender for a legal team.    Don't stress about the Team Balance by assigning TeamPayer dues to your teammates.


Sign up solo or with a small group by registering as Individuals!


Players of the Game

Jul 13 - Jul 20

Jeremy C

Bayside Tigers

3 home runs

Emily P


Amazing catch in left field

Joe I

JUST a bit outside

Pitched a complete game shutout.

Alix V


Calling the best game behind the plate since Johnny Bench.

Boyd S

Upper Deckers

Worked 5 innings of relief.

Maddy K


Amazing SS Play

Pearene C

Pitch Slap

Sliding into third with shorts on.

Ryan T

Ice Cold Pitchers

Hit in every at bat.

Lucas M

Long Tusked Walri

“Tator man” hit a 2 run homerun.

Players of the Week

Jul 13 - Jul 20

Jeremy Crowe

Bayside Tigers

Jeremy was absolutely tearing the cover off the ball tonight! Bayside Tigers came into the game as the lower seed, but their offense showed up in a big way, and Jeremy was a huge part of their offensive explosion. Jeremy ended the game with three homeruns and 9 rbis. Nice work tonight Jeremy.

Joe Indiviglia

JUST a bit outside

Joe on occasion was "just a bit outside", but for the majority of the game he was dead on from the rubber. Rare do you see a shutout in softball but that's exactly what Joe was able to do with 7 complete shutout innings. Great game Joe.

Chelsea baer

Goodburger SC

Great teammate and always positive.

Michael Toymil

Frank's Lil' Sluggers

Mike gets our the first player of the week for his incredible play on defense to end his teams game. The game wasn’t much in doubt, but with two outs and his team up 12, he still layed out and made a miraculous diving, bobbled catch to end the game! Nice play mike!

Ben Trammell

Alabama Slammers

Ben pulled off the elusive cycle going 5-5 at the plate in a 26-4 win.

Ashley Vizek

MoHo Squad

Ashley is a straight up baller. Hits all day and amazing defense in the outfield. Nothing but hustle and all pit effort from Ashley all night long. She was a great teammate and had nothing but positivity to share. Awesome job, Ashley!

Tucker Donkin

Random Collision

Tucker is very fast and he used that speed to catch what seemed to be every ball hit his way in center. At the plate he hit a line drive home run out of the park as well as hustled out every ball he hit on the ground. Great game Tucker.

Jaime Toyoda

Hit 'EM With The D

Jaime was the unsung hero for her team. I think I only saw her get out once or twice all night. She can really swing it. Line drives all day and plays great on D. Jaime is a ballet.

Christopher Subia

Christophers and Friends

Christopher Subia of Christophers and Friends pitched a complete game and helped his own cause with 2 HRs, one out of the park and huddled all the way for one in the park. Great game.

Mike Sennott

Aluminum Falcons

Mike was the ultimate utility player making plays in the outfield as well as pitching and coming through on offense with the bat.


Fall Co-ed Softball at Dahl Playfield Mondays/Wednesdays

Learn More
  • Sport: Softball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6 men and 4 women)
  • Locations: Dahl Playfield
  • Days of the week: Monday, Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, August 1

Fall Co-ed Softball on Capitol Hill Sundays

Learn More
  • Sport: Softball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6 men and 4 women) - Rosters Up to 15 Players
  • Locations: Bobby Morris
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, August 5

Fall Co-ed Softball at Queen Anne Sundays

Learn More
  • Sport: Softball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6 men and 4 women) - Rosters Up to 15 Players
  • Locations: W Queen Anne Playfield
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, August 5