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Why Underdog Softball?

Why Underdog Kickball?

Underdog offers 21+ Co-ed Recreational Softball Leagues throughout the greater Seattle area and the Eastside. 


Registration includes:

  • Team Uniforms
  • Trained Umpires
  • Start each game with a NEW ball 
  • 0-0 start count with 1 courtesy foul
  • Team webpage with team photo, game by game record, and standings
  • Unique game schedule based on team's skill level
  • Season is 6-7 weeks of 90 minute/7 inning games (whichever comes first)
  • Sponsor Bars for post game celebrations


Play with 10 in the field (minimum 8 players) with at least 3 of each gender for a legal team.    Don't stress about the Team Balance by assigning TeamPayer dues to your teammates.


Sign up solo or with a small group by registering as Individuals!


Players of the Game

Aug 4 - Sep 21

Andrew G

Andy's Kids

for giving up so many homers!

Sam S

Just a BIT Outside

Lotta hits, lotta catches, minimal effort!

Ben C

Team Bat Ass

Not dying.

Sam S

Just a BIT Outside

Walk off. Can't help that she is the GOAT!

Grant K


Logistic HR

Julie D


Crushin it!

Justin D

Random Collision

5-5, with a great personality

Heather T

Grey Gooseses - Indy #S23

"Heather got 4 hits I think."

Players of the Week

Aug 4 - Sep 21

Ben Doron

Inglorious Batters

Ben gave everything he had tonight! He hit a home run to lead the charge for the Inglorious Batters. He also was hit in the face playing catcher. Shrugging off being hurt, he went right back in playing both 3rd base and shortstop where he continued to make great plays. Way to go Ben!

Steven Fordham

Sons of Pitches

4 home runs in one game is almost unheard of. That's why the word almost is used here. Steven accomplished this feat today! Incredible work leading his team to a monstrous day at the plate!

Mark Demmel

Long Dingers

Mark led the way offensively with 2 home runs. Proving crucial in a close game tonight. Great job Mark!

Christina Strand

My Salsa

Christina was a busy lady today at first base. She was making all kinds of plays over there. Digging out throws, stretching out, taking grounders, without skipping a beat! She was crucial in some close games. She was also super solid at the plate today! Awesome work Christina!

The Nail Coffin

At the beginning of the game it was an offensive struggle for No Glove, No Love. The bats started to heat up as the game went on and the team found their groove. They were able to tie the score up going into the 7th inning. With two outs and a runner at second, the game fell into Nikki Fausset's hands. The pitch was delivered and she crushed it for a double to score the winning run. With this magical moment Nikki has earned Player of the Week honors.

Courtney Gordon

Hit it there

When your team wins by 1 run, every little bit counts in big ways. Courtney’s contribution came multiple times at the plate tonight. She had a bunch of clutch hits that in the end, made the difference against a very tough opponent! Good job Courtney!

Matt Wins it in the seventh

Red Machine grinds it out

Showing up seconds before the start of the game matt pitched a complete game and scored the game winning run in the bottom of the seventh to break a 16-16 tie after a furious rally by the crowd. Nice work mayt

James Bennett

Big in Japan

Although they came up a little short in the championship game, Big in Japan's, James is the player of the week. Besides the amazing defense and a quick relief appearance in the semis, James crushed 3 majestic home runs to get his team and nice lead late in the championship. Congrats on a great week and awesome championship game.

Ashley Wollan

My Salsa

Ashley was truly an inspiration today! She played hard, had some great hits and played some fantastic D! Great work!

Paul Sandoval

Base Invaders - Indy #S15

In game 1, Base Invaders jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the 2nd inning, lead by Paul's monster grand slam. Nice Snatch made valiant comeback by tightening up their D and waking up the bats. But the Base Invaders did just enough to win and move on to the Championship. Game 2, the Championship, was tied 6-6 going into the 5, but some timing hitting, started a 7 run rally, giving Base a 13-6 lead. Quit battled back, but again it was Base Invaders day. The entire team stepped up their game at the plate and in the field. Congrats to Base Invaders for a good season and great tournament run.