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Dodge. Dip. Duck. Dive. Dodge.


Wallingford Boys & Girls Club 

     Wednesdays - Jan 9th


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Players of the Game

Nov 14 - Jan 22

Timothy M

Off Constantly

Great game after a long layoff

Linsey K

Off Constantly

Catching machine

Aaron G

Brave Little Throwsters

Put the team on his back

Chris B

Brave Little Throwsters

6/6 outs in a game

Danny s

Oh, The Places You'll Throw

Made a Sweet hit and drop to knee catch to clutch the game.

Julia C

Gotta Catch 'Em All

All around great game.

Ersen A

Super Dodge Bros

Last man standing.

Danny s

Oh, The Places You'll Throw

Made a catch at the line while diving and spun backwards mid air for a throw. Yes. Really.

Ashley W

I'd Hit That!


Players of the Week

Nov 14 - Jan 22

Danny sweet

Oh, The Places You'll Throw

Danny from Oh, The Places You'll Throw was making some sweet Sweet plays tonight. In his team's first match, Danny made a very fluid, game winning, hit and catch play while dropping to his knees. During game number two, Danny, while near the mid-line, was thrown at at relatively point blank range. He would catch the ball while diving and during the dive spins, backwards tosses a ball that actually hit, but hit the person whose ball had already been caught. Despite being hit himself during the play, the effort along with the catch and throw alone was enough to nab player of the week. Great job Danny!

Chad Ford

The Westminster Dodge Show

Chad was a one man wrecking crew in a match clinching game five that took away any chance his teams opponent had of winning. Using the catch and drop technique, he would eliminate three people on back-to-back-to-back catches and then throw that third ball recording a hit. After another hit by a teammate, Chad would finish the job with a perfect strike to take home the win. This all happened in about 45 seconds. Excellent effort by Chad great job!

Anastasiya Tarnouskaya

Highly Dodgy

Most of the times a championship is won credit goes to what happened during that game, rather than the events that led to it. Without the incredible game 5 comeback in their opening game, Highly Dogdy's championship run never would have happened. With the time limit over, down 4 players to 1 and the match tied, Anastasiya locked in and picked off each player one by one. After an epic 1v1 rally, Anastasiya was able to sneak a ball right off her opponent's lower leg for the win! Great performance leading to a championship run.

Nic Ditzler

FC & Dodge

Nic had a great evening of dodgeball Wednesday. Despite a loss in FC & Dodge's first match, Nic was making key plays when his team needed him to in the clutch. In their second match, Nic led the charge in the upset of the night as FC & Dodge knocked off Balls to the Wall. Great job Nic!

Tim Gheen

Oh, The Places You'll Throw

Tim Gheen by far had the play of the night in game 7 of the championship game. With Oh, The Places You'll Throw down 5-4 in players, Tim made a clean one-handed "dad catch" while holding another ball. This momentum shifting play helped his team never look back and claim the championship. Great game Tim!

Emily Strom

Brave Little Throwsters

Super Dodge Bros and Brave Little Throwsters started the final game of the night with an epic rally between the two great teams that lasted over 5 minutes. It finally came down to a one on one and after a quick yet intense stand off, Emily of Brave Little Throwsters was able to think one step ahead. She read her opponent and dropped to her knees to catch the low throw headed for her feet. That epic catch gave Brave Little Throwsters all the momentum they needed to complete the sweep.

Eduardo Coronado-Montoya

Highly Dodgy

Eduardo was catching balls left and right Wednesday night, including an awesome game ending catch to preserve Highly Dodgy's second sweep of the night.

Zach Ward

Off Constantly

Off Constantly's Zach Ward was on consistently helping lead his squad to two victories Thursday night. He made quite a few great plays in multiple games that came down to the wire, helping get his team those clutch wins and for sure player of the week.

Ankur Sharma


After a gutsy performance in game one to cement a win for Skytap, Ankur gave an Ankur (encore) performance in game two with some clutch all-around play to lead Skytap to a sweep.

Courtney Jankowski

Indy #D5

With her team down in the total score and the last one left on her team, Courtney came through in the clutch. Facing 3 players on the other side, Courtney was able to eliminate all of them one by one, tying the total score. Next game Indy #D5 was able to win the rubber match and take home the win. Great clutch performance Courtney!