For those of us that have been the 1 in a 6v1 situation, this one is for you. Erin Greenlee of Ball-E showed her all-star talent along with her fiery competitive nature and a will to not give up. Upon the last of her teammate's eliminations, rather than raise the white flag, Erin went into attack mode and set up a comeback for the ages. Now down 6 players to 1, but in control of all the balls, Erin quickly landed two back to back strikes to cut the players against down to 4. Using the free space of being alone to her advantage, Erin was able to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge her way out of trouble. She then began the sequence of four more epic and seemingly methodical eliminations that sent the entire Wallingford Boys & Girls Club into hysteria! She had done it! The complete solo 6v1 comeback with no catches, all strike eliminations. Granted, it was the lone point for Ball-E in I'd Hit That's 4-1 victory, however it was an epic point that is worthy of our POTW! Congrats Erin!