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Players of the Game

Sep 8 - Oct 8

Andrew B

Evil Empire

Inside the Park Homeruns

Emily N

Sparkle Mountain Chupacabras

Stellar Defensive Plays in the Infield

Liz Celebrating Her Birthday on the Diamond

Paul K

K2600 - Indy #K26


Evan A

Recess All Stars

Inside-the-Park Homerun

Connor R

Pitch, Please!

Grand Slam!!

Becky R

Ball Related

GW kick bottom of the seventh!

Tim S

Above Par

For making the team play!

Alex T

Recess All Stars

Outstanding left fielder

Joe C

Great Balls of Fire - Indy #K25

First recorded triple play

Players of the Week

Sep 8 - Oct 8

Paul Kimball Out of His Mind

Indy #K26 Star Beefs Up Offensive Performance

Later in the afternoon on Sunday, INDY team K2600 played the second game of their double-header and put on an offensive performance. Scoring 18 runs in seven innings, star kicker Paul K. hit not one, but two inside-the-park homeruns. Paul's homeruns came consecutively in back-to-back innings and even had the same teammates on base who scored. With a total of 7RBI and 2 homeruns, Paul K. was very much the top offensive performer on Sunday. And so, Paul is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

Becky Rottenstein

Ball Related

Bottom seven, runners at first and second, score tied. You couldn't get a more exciting situation, but that is exactly what happened for Becky. With the championship on the line, Becky came through with a great kick to drive home the winning run and bring Ball Related another Underdog championship!!

Sam Johnson

A Swift Kick to the Balls

Samuel Levi Johnson IV as affectionately noted by his wife, was a monster on field reminding us of Mike Cameron and his record tying day against the Chicago White Sox. Sam had two home runs in his team's first game of the evening while also coming thru with two other base kicks in the game. He finished the evening after winning both games with 9 rbi on the evening. But not to be out done by his offensive prowess, Sam controlled the outfield with his stellar play in right center field. If Sam's old college room mates from the University of Maryland would have seen his performance, I am quite sure that Maryland flag would have been waving back and forth from the bleachers.

Jeremy Sosman

New Kicks on the Block

Jeremy was a kicking machine in both games of his team's Sunday double-header. In game 1, he started with an RKI double in the first to spot the New Kicks on the Block a quick lead. Then he continued adding to the scoreboard with a 2-run sac fly in the 2nd, a lead off double and run scored in the 5th and a huge 2-run triple in the 6th to tie the game as we went into the 7th inning. Jeremey came through again with another RKI and run scored as part of the New Kicks 6-run 7th inning that proved to be enough for the victory. Game 2 was a more defensively minded game but Jeremey continued to add to his stats with an RKI single in the 3rd, a double in the 5th and another run scoring sac fly in the 6th. He was solid on D as well with several nice catches in right field and was the key in New Kicks going 2-0 on Sunday.

Darren West


Defense wins in the playoffs and Darren was the heart and soul of the Commandos on the field. He caught everything that came his way in the outfield making the opponents re-think where they aimed. If Darren keeps bringing his 'A' game like he did Tuesday, Commandos may be bringing the title home when all is said and done

Nick Etscheid

Multiple Score-gasms

Nick started a little slow in right field bobbling and dropping his first catch attempt in the first game of a double header. However, he came back with style making several difficult running catches while also knocking in a run and scoring one himself, accounting for all his team's offense in game 1. In the second game, Nick continued to keep his team in the game making every catch that came his way [and there were many.] Offensively, he again hit some big kicks with another RKI and run scored tallying over half of the scoring for the Score-gasms.

Todd Sigley

Sparkle Mountain Chupacabras

Rarely in Underdog does a single play earn somebody Player of the Week honors. Todd Sigley is the exception to that principle this week. While playing catcher, Todd was the centerpoint of a close play at home. With a speedy runner careening around third base, Sparkle Mountain Chupacabras' pitcher air mailed the ball home, attempting to gun the runner down. Todd, undeterred, fielded the wayward throw, redirecting the the ball into the runner with his FOOT, getting the third out for his team. For his uncanny athleticism, Todd is our player of the week.

James Small

Ball Related

After falling behind in the top of the 6th, Ball Related needed to rally and James started the charge. 'Smalls' found a way to get on base and would not be denied the go-ahead run. After a sharp single to right, Smalls ran as hard as he could around the bases and scored just under the wire to give Ball Related the big victory over the tough Goat Rodeo squad.

Hope Richards


When the defense brought in the outfield, Hope made them pay. With two runners on base, the defense thought Hope was going to bunt. Instead, she jacked a kick deep to left that landed over the drawn in outfielder's head. As the ball rolled against the fence, Hope was flying around the bases for a three-run home run. Great kick, Hope! Well Done!!

Devin Ford

Drinkers with a Kicking Problem - Indy #K20

Well if it isn't September Santa bringing big kicks and kick ass sweater vests to all those good little kickball girls and boys! Santa Devin was very generous with his kicks, gifting out a couple singles and a real deal homerun. It was hard not feeling the Christmas Spirit! Thank Santa Devin....come back to lower woodlands and visit us soon.