Corporate Team Building Ideas and Staff Appreciation Parties

Invest in happy employees and engage with staff and clients with a fun company sports party!

A quick question: 


Why should you bring a spoon to a kickball field?


If you hire Underdog's FunCorp team to run your next company party, you won't even need to know the answer... 


We hear the story a lot ... your work team just did an amazing job completing the BIG new project, and your boss needs you to create  a fun event or party to celebrate. You took a crack at putting it all together yourself, but realized between rules, gear, umpires, schedules, and time, that you can use some help and some fresh ideas.   


Let Underdog's FunCorp Division and our 15 years of experience take care of everything for your company sports party. Who knows, with our team of Fun Ambassadors on the case, you might actually get to enjoy the staff party this year instead of worrying about it. 



If the question is "What can FunCorp do for our event?" the answer is probably YES:


  • Help us reserve fields and facilities?
  • Provide trained Referees and Umpires?
  • Manage catering and drinks?
  • Bring sports gear and equipment?
  • Provide music and playlists and DJ's?
  • Have Fun Ambassadors onsite to teach people rules and games?
  • Help create teams of people on the spot that normally dont work together?
  • Bring fun prizes and Champs prizes?
  • Have engaging activities for an office that is competitive but not athletic?
  • Showcase a private website with team pictures and standings?
  • Deliver an event Photo recap?
  • Have side games available along with a main event for those who want to compete?
  • Accomodate games and activities for adults, families, and kids all in the same event?


What YES can we help you answer, so your manager or boss gets excited about the next company party?

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Each event package includes:

         Team Uniforms                                            Champs Shirts and Wristbands                                   Referees and Umpires

 Team Pictures                                                             Support Staff                                                            Field Rentals


Game Schedules                                                Custom Private Website                                                   ...and more!



Optional Add-Ons include: 


         Music/DJ                                                             Catering/Alcohol                                                            Field Games


                    Portable Games                                        Trophies/Commemorative Items     









Availability:  Spring, Summer, Early Fall; Outdoor Fields
Description:  Reintroduce yourself to your inner grade school student with an afternoon of Underdog Kickball for your team. Kickball is always a blast and requires little to no athletic prowess to enjoy. In our experience, there are few better ways to build lasting team memories than with a big red rubber ball!
What People Are Saying: "Underdog made the process so easy and the staff was fantastic. Everyone who played had a really good time and had nothing but wonderful things to say. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future!" -Rachel McCollom, HRIS Manager, Portland Trail Blazers & Rip City Management 










Availability:  Spring, Summer; Greenlake Lawn Bowling Club
Description:  If you're looking for a fantastic way to spend a relaxing day out of the office, look no further than an Underdog Bocce Tournament at the Greenlake Lawn Bowling Club! Bocce beginners and experts alike are guaranteed to have a great time. Fun Bocce Fact: the game can be thoroughly enjoyed even with one hand occupied by a beverage, a true summer time leisure experience. 
What People Are Saying: "Our company participated in a field day organized by Underdog and had so much fun!  Not only did their team corral 80+ of our employees, they really kept the games organized and moving, took pictures throughout the day and even went on a beer run when we ran out!  We’ve also participated in bowling and kickball leagues and have really enjoyed those activities too.  Underdog makes it so easy to show up and have fun!" -Melanie Arena, Senior Manager, Brighton Jones







Availability:  Year Round; Outdoor Fields (Rain or Shine)
Description:  Lace up those cleats and experience the full glory of football without all pain of full contact tackles. An exciting athletic endeavor for rookies and veterans alike, Underdog's Flag Football framework ensures lasting memories for all participants. Strike a Heisman pose and stiff-arm, spin-move, and high-step your way to total victory and become the stuff of office legend.
What People Are Saying: "Underdog does amazing work! I got nothing but compliments from my team and I owe a lot of that to the hard work Underdog put into our event. Thanks for being so flexible with our crazy requests!” –Joshua Elo, Senior Marketing Analyst Verizon Wireless









Availability:  Year Round; Indoor or Outdoor
Description:  You remember field days back in grade school when the teachers set up activities at the playground and simply let you go at it? We do! This package has the most freedom: we prepare the venue, set up the lawn games, and turn over the keys to you to make your own memories. This a la carte option can be added to most Tournament structures or enjoyed on its own, either outside or as a great addition to an indoor holiday party.
Choose one or all of these great field day games, tons of fun for everyone:
  • Bocce
  • Tug of War
  • Giant Jenga
  • Bucket Pong
  • Spikeball
  • Grass Volleyball


To get a quote on any of these packages, or to tell us your unique idea for a wicked awesome custom event, head to the Underdog Corporate Event Quote Form and fill it out. An Underdog representative will get back with you within 2-3 business days, and we'll do everything in our power to make your event a resounding success!