Indy Rundown

All the info you need about INDY signups!

Leagues with availability for Individuals and Small Groups: 




   The Garage on Capitol Hill

      Sundays - 7pm

      Mondays - 6:30pm

      Mondays - 8:30pm



   Capitol Hill 

     Mondays/Wednesdays - February 28th

     Tuesdays/Thursdays - March 6th


Indoor Volleyball

   First Baptist

     Midcore Mondays - March 5th

     Softcore Thursdays - March 8th

     Midcore Wednesdays - March 14th

   Seattle Central

     Tuesdays - March 6th

     Thursdays - March 8th


Co-ed Flag Football

   Seattle Center

     Saturdays - March 24th

     Sundays - March 25th



Men's Flag Football

   Seattle Center

     Saturdays - March 24th

     Sundays - March 25th


Thinking about signing up as an Individual?  

Here’s what you need to know: 


What is an Indy Team?

Underdog spends a lot of time on the creation of Indy Teams for our leagues, which we build from other individual registrations, or Indys.  This becomes YOUR team! An Indy is someone who is passionate to play Underdog Sports and wants to sign up by themselves or with a friend or two (small group) because you may not have the numbers to make a full team.


Do I have to sign up by myself?  What if I have a friend or small group who want to play?

Sign up as an Individual and, along the way, we will ask for your “Teammate Requests.”  When they sign up (prior to the creation of the Indy Team), your registrations will be linked and guaranteed to play together on the same Indy Team, if Offered.  The goal of the Indy Team is to create a team of people who are all in the same boat, so if you want to sign up with more than a couple of friends, we might suggest you just create your own team, which in many cases will be more cost effective.


Registration is not a guaranteed roster spot

Indy Team placement is not guaranteed with registration. Underdog considers a number of factors to create an Indy Team, some of which will better your chance of making the roster.If the Indy Team is filled and we (unfortunately) cannot place you on this team, we will contact you for your next few choices, and find a league that works best for you!


How does Underdog determine who is Offered a roster spot?

  • Teammate Requests:  For a Co-ed League, sign up with someone of the opposite gender and you’ll move to the up the list
  • Sign-Up Date: Early Bird gets the Offer!
  • Previous Underdog Experience: We want a good balance of New and Experienced players


Registration to Roster Timeline

After registration, you will immediately receive a "Not Offered" email, which just means that we are in the process of building the Indy Team. It’s ok that you haven’t heard from us in a few weeks since registration… Instead of assuming the team is a no go, drop us an email instead. Most Indys sign up months in advance of a league, yet we do not create the team until about 5-7 business days prior to the start of the league. Your best shot is to sign up early!When the Indy Team is built, you will receive an "Offered" email if we have a spot for you.Confirm your spot, and a day or two before your first game an Opening Day email will come your way!


When is an Indy charged?

During registration, you will enter your credit card information, however your card will not be charged until you Confirm your roster spot.Many people think that they already paid during registration, but if you are Not Offered then you are NOT paid as well. Confirm your spot and we can introduce you to your teammates and get the season going!


Is Attendance Required?

Often time, people sign up as an Indy because they can’t commit to an entire season, that’s ok!  We usually over populate Indy Teams, so that your team will still field a team in your absence!  Use the Underdog RSVP Tool with your Indy Team, by giving thumbs up or thumbs down on game day you can or cannot attend, so that there are no surprises.You can access the RSVP Tool from your Player Page under the “my Schedule” tab (check out the right margin!).


Indy Team Feedback Encouraged!

Maybe the Captain is a bit more stern/ or laid back then you prefer. Maybe the skill of your team is different than yours. Let us know about your Underdog Indy experience, so that we can help you, and others, have a grand slam time!


Indy Parties and Events

As an Indy with Underdog, you get exclusive access to Indy parties and events throughout the year. These get-togethers are designed as a way to break the ice with your Indy teammates and to get to know other Underdog Indys. Plus, you know, have a good time! Come rub elbows with fellow Underdog Indys at premier locations around Seattle!