Fall Kickball Starts in August!

Fall Kickball Starts in August!
Fall Kickball Starts in August!

August and most of September in Seattle are clearly still Summer. And while we really should call these leagues "Late Summer" we have instead called them Fall. Does any of this matter? No! Great weather, big fun, awesome leagues at old school diamonds like Lower Woodland and Ballard Boys and Girls Club. Sign ups for Fall Kickball are now open... grab your spot soon, some leagues are already fillin' up!


Fall Co-ed Kickball at Lower Woodlands Mondays - August 4th


Fall Co-ed Kickball at Lower Woodlands Tuesdays - August 5th


Fall Co-ed Kickball at Lower Woodlands Wednesdays - August 6th


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Redhook 2nd Chance Cornhole Tournament

Redhook 2nd Chance Cornhole Tournament

Head to Leny's after the Red Rubber Showdown for a chance to be a Champion!

Red Rubber Showdown is this upcoming Saturday July 26th!!


If your team gets knocked out of playoffs, or maybe kickball just isn't your thing, come to Leny's for the Redhook 2nd Chance Cornhole Tournament!  The best part?  Participation is FREE!


Sign up your team before the big day to grab the best time slot and we'll see you Saturday!  You can still sign up Saturday, however your preferred time may already be taken. 


Click here to sign up!


Redhook.  Leny's.  Cornhole.  Free.  Any questions? 



Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Make your next corporate event with Underdog!

Let Underdog Sports Leagues take your corporate event or Holiday party to new heights! With professional equipment, knowledgeable staff and access to the city’s top playfields and venues, USL has the experience to successfully organize your next corporate gathering with a variety of crowd-pleasing events.


From casual Field Day activities like Bocce, Ladderball and BeanBag to custom sports tournaments like Kickball and Dodgeball, Underdog can fit your company's needs so everyone in your office has a blast! Check out pictures from our most recent corporate events here!


Email us to get a quote for your next event! events@underdogseattle.com


Captains- Tired of Chasing Your Players For Cash?

Use TeamPayer and invite players online to pay their part!




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