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Red Rubber Showdown

   Lower Woodlands & Greenlake

     Saturday - July 21st



   Lower Woodlands

     Mondays - Aug 6th

     Tuesdays - July 31st

​     Wednesdays - Aug 1st

​     Thursdays - Aug 2nd



   Dahl Playfield

     Mondays-Wednesdays - Aug 1st

   Capitol Hill

     Sundays - Aug 5th   

   Queen Anne

     Sundays - Aug 5th   

Don't wait until the weekend to have some FUN!

Keep the energy flowing from the weekend, by playing Underdog Kickball at Lower Woodlands on Mondays starting August 6th. Gather your friends, family, and co-workers and start the week off right!


After the game, celebrate the good times by heading over to our awesome sponsor bar Leny's for deals on drinks and more!


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Convert your Office Space into a Fun Center

Need to throw a party at the office?


With our Conference Room Olympiad, FunCorp will convert your existing conference room, parking lot, or open work space into a customized Friend-Building Party!


Our "Parties with a Purpose" will create memories, such as the time you sank a hole-in-one, hit the bullseye in Soccer Darts, or most important that moment you gave your co-worker a high five as you got to know them a little better.


Who says work can't be productive AND fun??

 Registration for Red Rubber Showdown 2018 is now OPEN!

Join Underdog for a summer day of FUN and kickball! This isn't just your average summer afternoon in the park...hop on a party bus, partake in deals at multiple sponsor bars, and hang with your friends at an epic afterparty.
Don’t know what a kickball tournament with 50+ teams looks like or want to relive the fun from last year? Check out photos from the 2017 Red Rubber Showdown!


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FunCorp - Corporate Events Powered by Underdog

Can we help with "friend building" and your company culture?

As the largest provider of adult recreational sports leagues in the Pacific Northwest, Underdog's FunCorp Division is Seattle's best source to make your next corporate event or holiday party one to remember! 

Let's start planning today!



Signing Up As An Individual?

Signing Up As An Individual?

Here's what you need to know!

Underdog is a great way to meet new people if you've just moved to town or are looking for something new to do. When you register as an Indivdual or "Indy" your name is put on a list and when enough people register we make an "Individual Team" and introduce you to a whole group of new people.


Have another friend or two who want to play with you as well?  No problem.  In your signup there will be a spot to enter their name(s) so that we can place you all on the same Individual Team. Also, be on the lookout for our Indy Parties - another great way to meet and socialize with people!


Check out our Indy Rundown Page for more info and upcoming leagues!


Why and How to Get Started with Underdog!