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Players of the Game

May 7 - Oct 18

Carlos G

Balls of Fire

Two high scoring games

Brian L

Glory Bowl

Two high scoring games(with two turkeys!)

Sydney W

2 Legit to Split

Two high scoring games and had lots of team spirit

Rose B

Livin on a Spare

strong second game

Doug Y

Psychosis NOS

clutch for the come back

Chris B

Babes & Balls - Indy #B17

amazing turkies in each game

Kellen G

Smokin' Bowls

mark on every roll

Doug W

Snakes On a Lane


Joanna R

Glory Bowl

won it all on a last frame turkey

Bailey S

Smokin' Bowls

102 103.... consistency

Players of the Week

May 7 - Oct 18

Hootin' and Hollerin'

This week, Joe summoned a chorus of cheers and chants from his teammates as he exhibited masterful control of the bowling ball. Like an artist, he guided his rolls to the perfect spot, simultaneously demonstrating style and precision. For another great performance, this seasoned veteran earns player of the week honors. Congratulations!

Frame Domination

This week at the Garage, Matt simply cleaned up. Over his two games, he bowled multiple turkeys. When he didn't bowl a strike, you could rest assured he'd pick up the spare. It was a great night for Matt!

Adam Skarr

Livin on a Spare

An early arriver - Adam is a delight to have at league. A very welcoming and friendly personality who was quite the ball of energy tonight! Picking up some impressive spares and stringing together some solid frames - Adam was having a great night and making sure others were as well. Lots of high fives and cheering could be heard from lane 11. Great work tonight!

Trevour Risks Nothing

Every Pin Counted

Every pin counted this match up. When EPC won the first game they seemed comfortable with their lead. Unfortunately Gutter Humiliation wasn't going down easy. They rolled 5 pins ahead in the last game. Luckily Trevour was on point both games hitting 183 and 172 to give EPC the lead in pin count, winning the match up. Great job Trevour

Put On Your Dancing Shoes, It's Bowling Time

Marissa of 2 legit to spit has the most epic post bowl ritual in all of Underdog bowling. She danced back and forth after releasing the ball as she watched pin after pin fall before her. For showing all competitors how to bowl in style, Marissa is our player of the week. Congratulations l!

Susie Erickson

That's How We Roll - Indy #B8

Susie E bowled the games of her life on Sunday night, leading her team to victory and a league title. After claiming she had never bowled over a 140, Susie bowled a 179 in the semifinal and a 154 in the championship game to win both by a combined 8 pins. Susie had perfect form tonight, at one point rolling 5 strikes in a row. Well done Susie!

Apurva Iyengar

That's How We Roll - Indy #B8

What made me first notice Apurva, she was celebrating her second consecutive strike. She was whoopin' and her team was hollerin'. Quick to admit she was having a better game than usual, Apurva's energy compliments that of her teammates - fun and inclusive (did you see their sunnies tonight???). With a very cool back story (ask her home many countries she's lived in) - Apurva is quick to make friends and to initiate team bonding. That's How We Roll - formerly "Indy #B8"- have really been a match made in Underdog heaven! I'm looking forward to hearing about their TBD team outing (with Apurva acting as social chair). You're wonderful, Apurva!! So happy to have you be a part of Underdog!


Split Happens - Indy #B6

It was hambone time at the Garage this Monday! Trey bowled consecutive strikes in his last two frames, and extended it to a hambone with his extra rolls! For his clutch, late-game heroics, Trey is our player of the week. Congratulations!


Livin' on a Spare

This Monday at the Garage, Pat was integral to his team's success. His performance was highlighted by a turkey during his first game which helped his team eek out the win! As the true MVP of the night? Pat is our player of the week. Congratulations!

The Spirit Leader

This week, Lucia was both the emotional leader and premier bowler of her team. Constantly encouraging her teammates, Lucia inspired everyone around her. In addition, Lucia bowled 3 out of 4 strikes at one point, which was a highlight in Comedy of Spares' performance. For her multifaceted effect on the game, Lucia is our player of the week. Congratulations!