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Players of the Week

Mar 13 - Apr 26

Michael Gills


AtmosFX brought an impressive Western display last week (did you SEE their figurine display?!). Michael definitely is one of AtmosFx's leaders. Quick to start a conversation, embrace a theme night, and always celebrating teammates or others around. Supporting Muffin, Michael went into coach mode and provided a few tips and tricks to improve form. The solid scores Michael rolled helped the team secure their first win this season. Congrats and thanks for being a great teammate!

They Roll with the Good Times

This past Sunday at The Garage in Capitol Hill, Lee made sure all of her friends had a ball. Pumping enthusiasm into her games all night long, Lee exuberantly cheered on her teammates and bowled plenty of nice frames of her own. For embodying the Underdog spirit and helping everyone have a good time, Lee is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Irfan Somani


Shout out to Irfan from Indeed 1 for taking the lead in more ways than one! Lane 15 was experiencing an unusual tech problem and Irfan was proactive, not reactive. Working with the Garage's staff, Irfan was patient, understanding, and gave great details to help manage the problem. AND!! Irfan had an impressive score improvement from game 1 (107) to game 2 (141). Great work and thanks for helping keep the night moving!

Danielle Fritz

Split Happens

Our first place team had to forfeit this week - some of their team moved to Wisconsin.... but that didn't stop the remaining crew from repping Split Happens. We loved the sportsmanship and great attitudes and positivity that radiated from lane 7. With only 3 players, Danielle bowled twice (just for funsies). We couldn't believe it when she bowled the first and second best games of her life! Danielle bowled 2 games over 200 in the same match! Congrats!

Scott Ventoza

Empty Nesters

The Empty Nesters have been a steady team all season - but tonight all eyes (at least on the first floor) were on Scott! During his first game, Scott closed out every single frame - spares in 1, 2, and 3.... then 7 consecutive strikes! The Empty Nesters split the games and Scott's incredible 227 in game one, was the determining factor in his team's 10 pin win. Great work, Scott!

Joe Hoot

Glory Bowl

Joe Hoot earns this week's Player of the Week award for bowling 161/129 in his team's semifinal and championship matchup. Joe had his spin ball rolling in the first game, picking up strike after strike after spare. Joe did all of this with a huge smile on his face, which makes him a true Underdogger. Well done!

Matt Skirven

Gutter Humiliation

Matt S earns this week's Player of the Week award for bowling an eye-popping 210 in his semifinal matchup. It wasn't enough to lead his team to victory (Underdog player cap is at 205), but he was feeling it all night and had to be mentioned. With a triple turkey in his 10th frame, Matt bowled the game of his life. Well done Matt!

Chris Eckhout

Midwest Alley Cats

This weeks POTW goes to...Chris with Midwest Alley Cats! Chris had an amazing night and bowled his highest game this season with 181! He played a crucial role in his teams win tonight over two amazing teams. What's more important is he did so with style, grace and humility! Great job tonight Chris!

Lauren Nuss

Indy #B3

This weeks POTW goes to...Lauren Nuss! Lauren is the epitome of what we are all about here at Underdog! Every Sunday she shows up excited with a smile and ready to bowl. She encourages her team and is their biggest cheerleader and each week she does her best to improve her game! Thanks for being awesome Lauren!

Lauren M.

Whitepages 1

Leadership is a task that not everyone likes or takes on ... but teams need someone (or a few someones) that are willing to take on a little more for the betterment of the team. Not only has Lauren bowled some great scores the last few weeks - she has helped organize the madness that is two teams and a partially rotating roster. Arriving early, directing traffic, making game time decisions - all with positivity and inclusiveness. Way to go Lauren! Thank you for all that you do!