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Players of the Game

Mar 3 - Oct 1

Harmony O

Sex Panthers

Great 2 catches!

Aaron G

You Can Run But You Can't Dodge

Consistently made it to the end!

Chris P


Led his team to victory in the second game when down 1 to 3

Annie Love

Trish, great come back effort

Nathaniel N

Snoop Dodgy Dodge

Great defense!

Cory C


Finished every game, played great!

Alex H

Junk Shot

Finished two strong games as the final player!

Players of the Week

Mar 3 - Oct 1

Chris Bibb

You Can Run But You Can't Dodge

Chris Bibb was a catching machine in his team's match-up against the Dodgefathers. He seemed to catch anything that was thrown near him, at one point he caught 4 balls in a row, almost taking out the entire team with his catches. Nicely done Chris!

Danny sweet

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge

Danny Sweet gets player of the week for his reckless abandon play style that he brings each and every week, but was on full display in both their matches tonight. What made it even better this week, was he didn't have time to get out of his work boots before coming to the court to play. That shows true commitment right there. Danny had far and away the most outs on his team and always seems to get everyone else fired up, which makes Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge even tougher to beat.

Molly Long

Science of the Block

If we could keep track of how many times a person was thrown at, and how many times that person got out, we'd call it the DD (dodgeball defense) stat. Molly's DD was 99%. Dodging, blocking, catching be it on the run, in the air or on the ground this girl was nearly impossible to hit. Last player standing in every game she played and the big reason why her team won the matches they did. Molly was a defensive mastermind on the court and a humble soul off the court nominating one of her teammates for player of the game after a tie. A great athlete and a good sport too, way to go Molly!

Julia Cartier

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge

Julia gets player of the week for her TWO unlikely, but still amazing catches between her knees. In a match up between two of the top teams this season, every out was HUGE. On two separate occasions one of Velociraptors threw a great hard low ball, unfortunately for him, Julia miraculously caught both of them between her knees. Once is impressive, but twice is downright crazy. Congrats Julia!

Sabrina Squires


In a dominating performance against a talented Circle Jerks team, Sabrina clearly was the team MVP and our player of the week. In her team's 7-1 win, whenever it seemed like Circle Jerks were on the verge of winning a game and closing the gap Sabrina came up with clutch catch after clutch catch to turn the tide and push her team towards victory.

Nathan Zabel

Science of the Lambs

Nathan Zabel get the opening player of the week for his amazing catching abilities. It was almost like he had glue on his hands. Anything above the waist that was thrown his way during his teams game against Squirrels was a catch. His catching ability got his team a win in their first game of the season.

Whitney Pittman


Whitney Pittman gets player of the week for her impressive deception. Over the years Whitney has perfected the hidden ball trick and used it to her advantage against the Velociraptors. Standing innocently next to sideline cleverly hiding the ball behind her back, she waited for the right time to strike against unsuspecting opponents, scoring 5 outs during the course of the match using her technique. After the first two outs; her opponent knew it was coming, but still couldn't avoid the deception.

Jamie D Steals the Victory

The Meatballers nearely defeated

The outlook wasn't briliant for the Meatballers this game, for the crew stood 3 players up with but 1 Meatballers left to play. But don't underestimate any Meatballer. Jamie pulled in a catch to even the odds,make the victory and seal the championship.

Seth Maristuen Brought his A-Game

Off Constantly

After a two season break from dodgeball, Seth seemed like he has been practicing for their new season. He was in mid season form during their game against Ball Pun. During the first game of the match, his teammates went down quickly, but Seth was an incredibly tough out and battled back from a 4v1 to win the match. After losing the second game of the match, Seth found himself in a similar situation and patiently picked off his opponents until he finally won the game and in the end that game turned out to be difference in the match.

Mike Drska the Cinderella Man

The DR.'s Crew can't keep their shoes on.

Cinderella stories are not often told, but this one takes the cake. Mike threw a great game and when the cards were down his rallying magic could turn mice to men. His aim could have blown a pumpkin into a carriage. Even with a hurt thumb Mike made his claw-like throws thrash the competition. I didn't know if a beauty or a beast was making those plays. And under all his turmoil and overcoming all odds let's not forget the best part of our Cinderella story.... The slipper! Mike overcame unbeatable odds, made outstanding comebacks and all along the way did so while leaving behind a shoe. He couldn't seem to keep the things on. I guess he was waiting for his princess to find him, or maybe was caught up in the fairy tale. I don't know, but I have never in my career laughed so hard. Thank you for making my night.


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