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Wallingford Boys & Girls Club

     Early Thursdays - March 10th

     Late Thursdays - April 28th


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Players of the Game

Nov 11 - Feb 11

Alyssa D

Sterling Cooper

Impressive moves after falling in a 2 on 1

Andrew M


3v1 comeback win

Deborah B

Sterling Cooper

Catch to save the match

Andrew M


Andy being amazing.

Kristen P

Grizzled Wizards

Guts and brilliant strategy during multiple 1v1 matchups

John W

Snoop Dodgy Dodge

Seemed to catch everything

Kristin D

The Meatballers

great catches

Samantha H


2 great game saving catches

Andrea B

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge

One catch and 10 outs

Missy T

Balls Coming Hard

10 shy of a dozen catches

Players of the Week

Nov 11 - Feb 11

Dave Hill can't be held back

The comeback kid

It's hard to look across the court and see six foes all aiming right at you. Dave stood alone against unbelievable odds this Thursday, as he stood all alone in a pivotal game. He safely evaded the first barrage of balls. Loaded with all six balls it was his turn to attack. 5 balls thrown and 3 enemies eliminated hope was shining through. He deflected, dodged, dipped, ducked, dove and..... Caught!! With the oddballs even again their enemy stood no chance. The win sealed the deal. Great job Dave!

Dr Mike saves his own life

The DR.'s Crew

Its hard to keep spirits up playing down and relatively new but Mike let no such thoughts enter his mind! While his team was down Mike took the paddles and turned a flat-lined Dr's Crew in to a living fighting life force! I remember it like it was this Thursday!!! The Crew was down on there luck and without hope in site. The Crew was fighting their foes like a bad cold in January. Then from out of nowhere Mike prescribed an antidote of fear into his opponents. A blurry speeding blue ball was heading right for Mike like a virus seeking a healthy cell. Mike was off balance from a shot of amoxicillin he delivered to even the odds, but with his feet failing him it seemed he would fall to this ailment. But through great determination and a excellent showing of athleticism Mike wrestled this would be infection into his arms to save the day, revive the team, and claim victory! Prescribe on Mike!

Tanya Sylte

The Human Targets

Maybe it was the stare downs, or maybe the fact that she was so focused, she might have deflected balls with her eyes.....I don't know.....I do know that Tanya is all confidence and NO fear on the dodgeball court. During most of the matches, she was the lone wolf on her side of the battlefield, but that didn't stop her from taking down some of the opposition while looking bad A$$. Points for looking the part of a dodegball sniper, and mucho points for acting like one.

Here for the Right Reasons

Two Balls, One Cannon

This week, Matt earns player of the week honors for gladly stepping up and subbing for an opposing team. With the Sex Panthers short a couple members, Matt saw an opportunity to help out and ensure everyone at the Dodgeball court had fun. That's what we here at Underdog are all about, and Matt embodied that principle this week. Congratulations!

Chris Peach Mounts Epic Comeback

Dodgefathers win match behind great performance from Chris Peach

Chris Peach set the tone for his teams match against the Super Dodge bros. The first game of the match started out poorly for the Dodgefathers, losing three players quickly. Eventually it came down to Chris gutting out a 6 on 1 victory for his team, picking off each opponent one by one. After two more long, hard fought games Chris' team pulled out a 2 to 1 victory thanks to the tone he set.

Danny sweet

Danny "Leapfrog" Sweet!

Our player of the week comes from our championship team, and the moment that earned these honors occurred during the championship matchup. With their team up comfortably, Danny and a teammate lined up, intentions unbeknownst to onlookers. In a surprising, yet athletic maneuver, Danny lept over his teammate, firing a ball "leapfrog" style. It livened up the whole match and entertained all who watched. For his antics that exemplify the importance of never taking things too seriously, Danny is our player of the week.

Neill Harrison


Neill is our player of the week, beyond a shadow of a doubt. With the championship on the line, each team down to their last member, Neill was able to deliver the decisive strike to eliminate his opponents. For sealing the game and the season, Neill certainly earns player of the week honors.

Owen Lehmer


This week, Owen Lehmer heroically dodged, ducked, and DESTROYED his opponents on the court. In one specific crazy circumstance, Owen was down 5-1 mid-match. Undeterred, he proceeded to lay the boom on his opposition with consecutive bone-jarring throws. Later that evening, the Kirkland seismology commission officially stated that multiple of Owen's throws registered as minor earthquakes on the Richter scale. These booming hits paved the way for an epic comeback, which left Owen standing alone after slaying five enemies. For his phenomenal performance (and as a thank you to Dodgenald Tramp for being a consistently friendly, funny, and all charismatic team), Owen is our player of the week.

Drew Reinhart


This week, Drew's play made the difference in his team's tightly contested match between the Untouchaballs and the Oddballs. In what was one of the most chaotic and impressive displays of dodgeball this referee has ever witnessed, Drew stood as the sole remaining player on the court. After a 2-minute 3 on 2 frenzy, Drew clinched the final out with a well-aimed leg shot. Clearly the man of the night, Drew is our player of the week as well.

Veronica Yurovsky

Indy #D7

When all the momentum seemed to be in favor of the opponent in a tied match, Veronica made a miraculous catch on a point blank throw between her hand and her hip to bring the game back from the cusp of defeat. The catch brought the game to a 3 vs 2 after being down to a 4 vs 1. Her indy team ended up tying the match, but if she didn't make that catch they most likely would have lost the match.


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