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Every Season is Dodgeball Season!

Every Season is Dodgeball Season!

Spring Dodgeball is up next!

While school is still in session so are our Dodgeball leagues! Your favorite recess sport still lives on in the Spring at some of your favorite locations, and some new ones! Go back to your child hood roots and throw with all your might (no sting of course)! 


Spring Dodgeball in Wallingford and Eastside trampoline Dodgeball are up next!!


Wallingford Wednesdays

Starts March 12th- Indy Ladies Needed!


Skymania Thursdays

Starts March 27th


View All Dodgeball Leagues here!



Summer Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Thursdays

Starts on Thu, Jul 10, 2014
Day(s) of the Week
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Start Time(s)
6:30 PM - 7:50 PM
Dodgeball is back in Wallingford for the summer! A great central location at the Boys and Girls Club. 6 regular season weeks plus playoffs for those teams that qualify. 2 matches of Dodgeball per night. Team shirts are included.