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     Wednesdays - January 18th


Skymania Trampoline Dodgeball in Kirkland

     Thursdays - January 26th


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Players of the Game

May 26 - Jan 18

Mandi D

Super Dodge Bros

"New kid"

Noah B

Brave Little Throwsters

great catches

Whitney P

Junk Fathers

great two final ours for the win

Kelsey P

Brave Little Throwsters

Game sealing catch

Andrea B

No Hit Sherlock

great protector

Angela S

Junk Fathers

sneaky last out

Kevin H

Sitting Ducks

Game winning comeback

Lee M

Suicide Graveyard

Big time catcher

Chris D

Sex Panthers

Catch vacuum

Players of the Week

May 26 - Jan 18

Noah Bouillon

Brave Little Throwsters

Noah came to play tonight! One of his teammates even asked how his back felt from carrying the team. He was all over the place in both matches for brave little throwsters. His biggest asset is the cannon he has for an arm. He was throwing heat all night. It seemed every time there was a good player on the other team doing a good job blocking or dodging, Noah took it upon himself to send them to the sidelines. Well done Noah!

Ryan Brush

Globe Gym Purple Cobras-Indy #D2

Mariners scouts should have been in attendance, cause dang! Blink and you'll miss it speed on throws; chest or shoulder hit every time; and adept maneuverability to boot! Not a bad way to start a dodgeball career.

brian harvey

Junk Shot

When a team gets you down to five vs one odds, a lot of people might take an easy hit and try again next game.... Not Brian. When the chips were stacked against him in game two of the match he came alive! Calmly blocking and dodging all attempts while picking off opponents one by one. Brian became an inspiration for the rest of his team as well because after that game they rolled through all the rest to win the match.

Paula Mehrkens

Paula and Friends

When you have a team named after you, one might assume the named played is the best on the squad. For Paula this couldn't be more correct. Last one out in every game multiple kills under he belt and plenty of skills to back up the team. Dodge on Paula, Dodge on.

The Sole Survivor

Over the course of his team's 3 games this past Wednesday (the playing of which is an impressive feat in itself!), Josh Davis routinely was the last person standing in a game. Through a combination of epic dodging, tactful blocking, and prudent catching, Josh consistently outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted his competition. For his remarkable display of Dodgeball prowess, Josh is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Greta Tjeltveit

Dodgy Style

To say Greta had good night on the dodgeball court would be an understatement. With a 2-1 lead in their second match of the night against Dodgin' Balls, she won the key 4th game almost by herself. A 4v2 all of a sudden turned into a 5v1 with Greta left to fend for herself. She stayed cool under the pressure and took out her opponents methodically one by one and won what ended up being the game deciding match. Nice work Greta!

Karleigh Roberts

Dodgin' Balls

Karleigh without a doubt came up with the play of the night in her team's 5-4 victory over Paula and friends. In the final game, tied 4 to 4, her team was down to 2 players against her opponent's 5. With an improbable finger tip catch that even surprised her, she was able to swing the momentum to the Dodgin' Balls who went on to seal the victory in the match deciding final game. Way to go Karleigh!!

Her First Game Back .... As A Mother!

This week, Nicole Makila of Oddballs demonstrated resiliency that only a mother could know. Nicole was clutch in her teams victory over the Dirty Dodgers to end the night, recording athletic catches and getting people out with precise throws. Nicole also deserves accolades for "keeping everything together" on the court (Oddballs, you know what this means -- this is the best that I could put your request in the write-up euphemistically). Congratulations Nicole! We here at Underdog wish you and your child a healthy and happy future.

Chris Bibb

You Can Run But You Can't Dodge

Chris Bibb was a catching machine in his team's match-up against the Dodgefathers. He seemed to catch anything that was thrown near him, at one point he caught 4 balls in a row, almost taking out the entire team with his catches. Nicely done Chris!

Danny sweet

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge

Danny Sweet gets player of the week for his reckless abandon play style that he brings each and every week, but was on full display in both their matches tonight. What made it even better this week, was he didn't have time to get out of his work boots before coming to the court to play. That shows true commitment right there. Danny had far and away the most outs on his team and always seems to get everyone else fired up, which makes Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge even tougher to beat.


Winter Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Wednesdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 10 Players
  • Locations: Wallingford Boys & Girls Club
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Started on : Started on Wednesday, January 11

Winter Eastside Trampoline Dodgeball at Skymania in Kirkland Thursdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up To 10 Players
  • Locations: Skymania
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Starts on : Starts on Thursday, January 26