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     Thursdays - January 7th

     Wednesdays - January 13th

Trampoline Dodgeball at SkyMania

     Thursdays - January 28th


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Players of the Game

Oct 8 - Nov 27

Jason G

Tramp Stamps

He deserves this one

Amy C

Pitch Slaps

For catching all the balls!

Pauline R

Not in the Face!

Sweet game-ending catches!

Jeff T

Pitch Slaps

Great team effort!

Aaron-- for rad catches!

David S

That Other Team

cannon of an arm

Melissa F

That Other Team

101 kills 10-0 as starter

tony s

Snoop Dodgy Dodge

amazing catches

Kristen P

Grizzled Wizards

great stall skills!

Ersen A

Super Dodge Bros

Singlehanded dominance

Players of the Week

Oct 8 - Nov 27

Owen Lehmer


This week, Owen Lehmer heroically dodged, ducked, and DESTROYED his opponents on the court. In one specific crazy circumstance, Owen was down 5-1 mid-match. Undeterred, he proceeded to lay the boom on his opposition with consecutive bone-jarring throws. Later that evening, the Kirkland seismology commission officially stated that multiple of Owen's throws registered as minor earthquakes on the Richter scale. These booming hits paved the way for an epic comeback, which left Owen standing alone after slaying five enemies. For his phenomenal performance (and as a thank you to Dodgenald Tramp for being a consistently friendly, funny, and all charismatic team), Owen is our player of the week.

Drew Reinhart


This week, Drew's play made the difference in his team's tightly contested match between the Untouchaballs and the Oddballs. In what was one of the most chaotic and impressive displays of dodgeball this referee has ever witnessed, Drew stood as the sole remaining player on the court. After a 2-minute 3 on 2 frenzy, Drew clinched the final out with a well-aimed leg shot. Clearly the man of the night, Drew is our player of the week as well.

Veronica Yurovsky

Indy #D7

When all the momentum seemed to be in favor of the opponent in a tied match, Veronica made a miraculous catch on a point blank throw between her hand and her hip to bring the game back from the cusp of defeat. The catch brought the game to a 3 vs 2 after being down to a 4 vs 1. Her indy team ended up tying the match, but if she didn't make that catch they most likely would have lost the match.

Scott Sutherland

Just in the Nick of Time

In the opening game of their match this past Thursday, Not in the Face found themselves backed against a wall, literally and figuratively. They were starting down a player, because Scott, one of their aces, was running a bit late. Luckily, Scott arrived only a few minutes into the first game; it did not take long for him to show his stuff. In the next series, Scott rallied back from a 5 to 1 disadvantage to net his team a crucial victory. For his superb display, and for proving that once and for all that punctuality is overrated, Scott is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Sydney Hunt

Pacific Science Center - Science of the Lambs

This week's player of the week logged the most playing time on the night. Sydney was the most elusive target of the night, and was always the last player on the floor for her squad. Sydney is setting the tone for her team to follow as they hone their skills throughout the season. Sydney is doing a terrific job of leading by example and should possibly make a "How Too" dodgeball video. Great games Sydney!

Logan Gee

Balls Coming Hard

This week, Logan earned league mvp honors in the brief span of a second. Early in the match, Logan was the target of a high-velocity cross court throw. As the ball deftly dipped downward, Logan caught the ball squarely between his calves.With an incredulous look on his face, Logan celebrated the play that would prove to be a turning point in his team's match. For his performance this Wednesday, Logan is our player of the week.

Chris The Closer

In Baseball, the significance of a closer cannot be understated. The ability to seal a victory under immense pressure is invaluable to team success. This week, it was the newcomer, Chris, who filled the (Dodgeball) closer role for his team. In four of his team's games over the course of one round, Chris caught a dodgeball to record the final out. In casual fashion, Chris showed that soft hands are just as useful in Dodgeball as a strong arm. For his impressive dexterity and outstanding performance, Chris is our player of the week.

TJ Nelson


TJ was Mr. Do-It-All this week at Skymania. He started out his epic night by single-handedly eliminating 5 opponents while being the last man standing during Untouchaballs' first game. TJ then continued his dominance by recording dozens of catches and outs over the next two series of games, striking fear into the hearts of his opponents. For his casual athleticism and show-stopping performance, TJ is our player of the week.

Kaitlin Guild

Dirty Dodgers

This week, Kaitlin of Dirty Dodgers earns a nod for her game-changing catches on multiple occasions this past Thursday night. As the last person of her team standing numerous times, Kaitlin executed some stupendous catches, giving her team momentum at crucial junctures. For her heroics, Kaitlin is our player of the week.

Emre Motan

The Closer

This past Thursday, Emre Motan earned player of the week for putting the team on his back and closing out the final game of the evening by himself. The last player standing during Grizzled Wizard's final game, Emre stared down four formidable opponents. Undeterred, Emre went on the offensive, quickly eliminating two of his foes in succession with two well-placed throws. After a bit of waiting and a timely catch, Emre was able to finish the job a minute later. For his heroics as the night wound down, Emre is our player of the week.


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Winter Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Thursdays

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