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Players of the Game

Jan 28 - May 3

Nathan Z

Science of the Lambs

Caught everything thrown his way

Stephanie. Last person standing

9 way tie for team effort

Morgan W

Sex Panthers

Awesome face catch

Nic D

Sex Panthers

Awesome catches and better throw

Michael B


Did everything all by his lonely

Jennifer Q


Dodge ball phenom

Brynn K

Gotta Catch 'Em All

last man standing

Matthew B

[Ball Pun]

last stand victory twice

Players of the Week

Jan 28 - May 3

Whitney Pittman


Whitney Pittman gets player of the week for her impressive deception. Over the years Whitney has perfected the hidden ball trick and used it to her advantage against the Velociraptors. Standing innocently next to sideline cleverly hiding the ball behind her back, she waited for the right time to strike against unsuspecting opponents, scoring 5 outs during the course of the match using her technique. After the first two outs; her opponent knew it was coming, but still couldn't avoid the deception.

Jamie D Steals the Victory

The Meatballers nearely defeated

The outlook wasn't briliant for the Meatballers this game, for the crew stood 3 players up with but 1 Meatballers left to play. But don't underestimate any Meatballer. Jamie pulled in a catch to even the odds,make the victory and seal the championship.

Seth Maristuen Brought his A-Game

Off Constantly

After a two season break from dodgeball, Seth seemed like he has been practicing for their new season. He was in mid season form during their game against Ball Pun. During the first game of the match, his teammates went down quickly, but Seth was an incredibly tough out and battled back from a 4v1 to win the match. After losing the second game of the match, Seth found himself in a similar situation and patiently picked off his opponents until he finally won the game and in the end that game turned out to be difference in the match.

Mike Drska the Cinderella Man

The DR.'s Crew can't keep their shoes on.

Cinderella stories are not often told, but this one takes the cake. Mike threw a great game and when the cards were down his rallying magic could turn mice to men. His aim could have blown a pumpkin into a carriage. Even with a hurt thumb Mike made his claw-like throws thrash the competition. I didn't know if a beauty or a beast was making those plays. And under all his turmoil and overcoming all odds let's not forget the best part of our Cinderella story.... The slipper! Mike overcame unbeatable odds, made outstanding comebacks and all along the way did so while leaving behind a shoe. He couldn't seem to keep the things on. I guess he was waiting for his princess to find him, or maybe was caught up in the fairy tale. I don't know, but I have never in my career laughed so hard. Thank you for making my night.

James Smith saved by a catch

Dirty Dodgers do more than dodge

It might look like a blowout but it was much closer than it looks. The Dirty Dodgers were facing the biggest game of the season against the top team. Every game looked like there was no hope but every time you could count on James. James caught a ball whenever a turn around was needed. Not only did he pull in impossible catches but took out the number one striker multiple times. Great games Dodgers keep those spirits high and catches coming.

Elizabeth Petter keeps spirits light

LAPD shines through at last

LAPD has had a tough start this season. They have been learning rules, strategy, and game play. Today a new light shined on them. After weeks without victory their moments finally came. The team came together so well I hardly recognized them. Not only did they win their first match they tied against a vet team that was undefeated. One person in particular stood out. Elizabeth not only held her own getting multiple people out with a sneaky offense but stayed so light hearted about the games that she was adored by all. Thanks for making the game so fun!

David Wu

The Circle Jerks

David Wu was almost impossible to get out tonight. With his now famous crouching defensive technique he came very close to winning a 6 v 1 in the Circle Jerks first match up and in the second match up, Murphy's bench warmers couldn't get him out a single time. Thanks to his efforts the Circle Jerks went 1-1 on the night.

Tristan Reni comes back

The Meatballers

Tristan was all alone abandoned by his own team. Leading the first game in outs no one questioned he was a threat. Tristan stood alone against six enemies, but three quick throws and three quick outs later the odds we ever more in his favor. He dodged three balls and came back with a furry. Soon it was one on one and Tristan looked well worn from his throws. With everyone holding there breath and a few exchanges one ball made it through and Tristan stood victorious. What a great comeback!

Dave Hill can't be held back

The comeback kid

It's hard to look across the court and see six foes all aiming right at you. Dave stood alone against unbelievable odds this Thursday, as he stood all alone in a pivotal game. He safely evaded the first barrage of balls. Loaded with all six balls it was his turn to attack. 5 balls thrown and 3 enemies eliminated hope was shining through. He deflected, dodged, dipped, ducked, dove and..... Caught!! With the oddballs even again their enemy stood no chance. The win sealed the deal. Great job Dave!

Dr Mike saves his own life

The DR.'s Crew

Its hard to keep spirits up playing down and relatively new but Mike let no such thoughts enter his mind! While his team was down Mike took the paddles and turned a flat-lined Dr's Crew in to a living fighting life force! I remember it like it was this Thursday!!! The Crew was down on there luck and without hope in site. The Crew was fighting their foes like a bad cold in January. Then from out of nowhere Mike prescribed an antidote of fear into his opponents. A blurry speeding blue ball was heading right for Mike like a virus seeking a healthy cell. Mike was off balance from a shot of amoxicillin he delivered to even the odds, but with his feet failing him it seemed he would fall to this ailment. But through great determination and a excellent showing of athleticism Mike wrestled this would be infection into his arms to save the day, revive the team, and claim victory! Prescribe on Mike!


Summer Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Thursdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 10 Players
  • Locations: Wallingford Boys & Girls Club
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Starts on : Starts on Thursday, July 7