Dodge. Dip. Duck. Dive. Dodge.


Wallingford Boys & Girls Club

     Wednesdays - November 1st


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Players of the Game

Feb 22 - Oct 18

Hiro W

Off Constantly

Slingin' it

Allison M

Off Constantly

Commanded the court

Harmony O

Ball Rats

Sticky fingers

Danny sweet

Emre M

Grizzled Wizards

2 late game saves

Kate C

Team Ballwatch

Michelle game changing plays

Bill F

Crashing Underdog

Catch with feet

Jesse H

Victorious Secret

1 man stand

Ben R. great last effort to win the match

Players of the Week

Feb 22 - Oct 18

Evan Thompson

Brave Little Throwsters

Evan gets our final player of the week for his clutch play in the championship. In a 4 against 1 in the pivotal 5th game, Evan calmly took out his opponents 1 by 1 eventually winning the game, helping his team secure the championship. Nice work Evan!

Mallory Hall

West Seattle Kids

Even though her performance came in a losing effort against a talented Victorious Secret team, Mallory deserved some recognition for her amazing 5 vs 1 comeback victory. After her teammates went down quickly, she was left to survive on her own and she did that and more. She calmly took out her opponents one after another and won the first game of the match for her team. Unfortunately West Seattle Kids lost the match, but Mallory was clearly our player of the week for her amazing effort! Way to go Mallory!

Stevie Robinson

Grizzled Wizards

Stevie was a man possessed tonight! He was clearly the best player on his team tonight, helping them to a hard fought win against Science of the Lambs. It cam down to him in the final game to win the match and he came through in a big way, clinching to the victory in the game and the match. Nice work Stevie!

Chris Peach

The Teams Formerly Known as Dodgefathers and Junk Shot Have Merged as One

As he has done countless times before, Chris Peach won an impressive 1 on 5, this time against a talented sex panthers team. His teammates went down quickly, but Chris methodically whittled his opponent down eventually taking out all 5 on his own! Nice work Chris!!!

Against All Odds

Brave Little Throwsters

Down in an unfavorable 2-1 scenario to close out her second game, Emily undeterredly held her ground. Taking out her female opponent, she still had to take down the best thrower on the other team. In an amazing battle, Emily snuck a low shot below her opponent's blocking ball, ending the match. For her heroics, Emily is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Elley Vanderlinde

Science of the Lambs

Though her team lost the match, Elley deserves recognition for her AMAZING catch during Science of the Lambs game against West Seattle Kids. As Elley dodged one ball and was falling to the ground, she was hit on the side, but some how was able to trap the ball between her elbow and her side for an incredible catch while falling to the ground. Even though her team lost, her opponents were so impressed that they made sure that she was given player of the match for her catch.

"The Flu Game" 2.0

We had our very own version of Michael Jordan's "flu game" this past week at Wallingford Boys and Girls' Club Dodgeball. Rachael Fleischmann of Snoopy Dodgy Dodge was harboring arm soreness in both arms throughout her games -- she had gotten shots in both earlier in the day. Nevertheless, Rachael proved to be her team's clear MVP, consistently being the last person standing and eliminating the last opponent standing! For persevering through shoulder soreness and dominating her opposition, Rachael is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Emily Strom Comes In Strong

You Can't Stop the Strom

Emily was faced with quite a challenge today! She was all alone in a 1-2 match facing 5 Deadline dodgers alone. She dodged and blocked like a champ but knew a catch was all she could really do. She attached and started to back up, when a fast and beaming ball came right at her. She sacrificed her body as the ball hit her chest. Emily came off her feet and down to the gowned ball still in her possession! She now had back up, but not for long. Her team mate quickly got out and how it was 1 on 4. She quickly eliminated the competition with 4 well placed balls and won the game. They eventually ended in a tie, but without Emily's heroic efforts to take down 5 enemies it would have been an eventual loss. Great effort out there Emily!!

Alex Hindman

Junk Shot

Alex Hindman gets our first player of the week of season for his key catch. In a slow play match that only had 5 games played, every out count and no one out was bigger than the final out. Down to a one on one that seemed to last forever, Alex decided enough was enough and caught his opponents throw ending the match in a win for his team. Nice work Alex!

Dave Marshall

Untouchaballz - Indy #D1

The Untouchaballz played in three overtime games this week on their way to the Championship game, and in each of those games, Dave Marshall was the answer. Down 2-3 in their first match, Dave stayed alive and forced the extra game. In that game he was instrumental in leading his team to an easy win to advance. In game two the pace was a little slower but in the extra time game down 4 v 1 he was masterful, dodging great throws from his opponents and slowing picking them off one by one with a hit on the foot, an outstretched arm, extended hip anything left open Dave took advantage of it. Finally in the championship game with the announcement made that it was win a match to force an extra game or be done with it, he stepped up and quickly finished the game forcing the extra play. Wow! What a great dodgeball performance, we look forward to seeing you next season.


Late Fall Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Thursdays

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Late Fall Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Wednesdays

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