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Wallingford Boys & Girls Club

     Thursdays - April 27th


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Players of the Game

Feb 2 - Apr 22

Tammy A

Sex Panthers

Magnificent catch

Benjamin F


Match sealing catch

Stephanie B

Grizzled Wizards

Amazing Blocks

Carl D

Grizzled Wizards

PSU Legend Trace McSorley

Linsey K

Off Constantly

Simultaneous catch and throw

Rachael F

Snoop Dodgy Dodge

The Flu game 2.0!

Nicholas M

Junk Shot

The girls! For their collective effort

Players of the Week

Feb 2 - Apr 22

"The Flu Game" 2.0

We had our very own version of Michael Jordan's "flu game" this past week at Wallingford Boys and Girls' Club Dodgeball. Rachael Fleischmann of Snoopy Dodgy Dodge was harboring arm soreness in both arms throughout her games -- she had gotten shots in both earlier in the day. Nevertheless, Rachael proved to be her team's clear MVP, consistently being the last person standing and eliminating the last opponent standing! For persevering through shoulder soreness and dominating her opposition, Rachael is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Emily Strom Comes In Strong

You Can't Stop the Strom

Emily was faced with quite a challenge today! She was all alone in a 1-2 match facing 5 Deadline dodgers alone. She dodged and blocked like a champ but knew a catch was all she could really do. She attached and started to back up, when a fast and beaming ball came right at her. She sacrificed her body as the ball hit her chest. Emily came off her feet and down to the gowned ball still in her possession! She now had back up, but not for long. Her team mate quickly got out and how it was 1 on 4. She quickly eliminated the competition with 4 well placed balls and won the game. They eventually ended in a tie, but without Emily's heroic efforts to take down 5 enemies it would have been an eventual loss. Great effort out there Emily!!

Alex Hindman

Junk Shot

Alex Hindman gets our first player of the week of season for his key catch. In a slow play match that only had 5 games played, every out count and no one out was bigger than the final out. Down to a one on one that seemed to last forever, Alex decided enough was enough and caught his opponents throw ending the match in a win for his team. Nice work Alex!

Dave Marshall

Untouchaballz - Indy #D1

The Untouchaballz played in three overtime games this week on their way to the Championship game, and in each of those games, Dave Marshall was the answer. Down 2-3 in their first match, Dave stayed alive and forced the extra game. In that game he was instrumental in leading his team to an easy win to advance. In game two the pace was a little slower but in the extra time game down 4 v 1 he was masterful, dodging great throws from his opponents and slowing picking them off one by one with a hit on the foot, an outstretched arm, extended hip anything left open Dave took advantage of it. Finally in the championship game with the announcement made that it was win a match to force an extra game or be done with it, he stepped up and quickly finished the game forcing the extra play. Wow! What a great dodgeball performance, we look forward to seeing you next season.

Beth Anne Has Hands

Sticky hands Katz

Beth Anne had one heck of a night! She not only played and dominated in her own game but helped others out too. She dodges her way around to 4 last stands and made it through! No one could get her out as she made a grab on every ball thrown, no matter how hard or fast she cought it! What a great performance and even better pants!

Ashley Evans

Sitting Ducks

Ashley is one of the most influential players on her team. In the first match of the day, her team tied 2-2 with their opponents, Ashley stepped up and made a crucial throw out and catch to give her team the victory. In their second bout of the day, she was simply unbeatable, making at least two outs in every game she played, Ashley was pivotal in securing her teams victory. Congratulations on the win and way to play.

Dean Barnett

Junk Fathers

Sometimes a person can be so good they make everyone around them better by association. That was Dean this week. Through his ability to distract opponents and draw throws, his team was able to catch others unaware and in general just catch a ridiculous number of throws. Way to inspire your team and congrats on the win.

Chad Nicholson Keeps it low

Bayside Tigers Roar through

Chad has a notoriously wild arm that some days is on and some days not so much, but today there was no stopping him! Chad had everyone's number as he shot low, hard and fast leaving no one able to defend. The improbability of how accurate his kill shots were left everyone on the court amazed! Great job Chad!!!

Marianne Ryerson

The Circle Jerks

Marianne was on fire today. She played in four sets (subbing for two other teams) and was a beast the entire duration. Blocking everything coming her way and catching the rest, Marianne was quite possibly the most difficult out of the day. Even when opponents would target her with multiple shots, she would calmly sidestep, block and throw an out of her own. Congratulations on the day and ice that arm tonight.

Kate Mooney

Late game magic

When the game is on the line and the team needs a win, who ya gonna call? Kate Mooney. A 5 against 1 ratio was no match for her as she dodged, blocked and threw her way to victory. At one point making four consecutive outs on four consecutive throws. Kate turned into a juggernaut on the court withstanding multiple barrages to bring home the win. Way to play!


Late Spring Co-ed Dodgeball at Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Thursdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
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  • Days of the week: Thursday
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