About Big Turkey Bowling

or... Why are most bowling leagues kinda lame compared to how you do it?








Bowling is fun - that much is clear. You don't even have to be a Lebowski or King Pin fan to realize it. What is unclear is why bowling leagues never live up to the game's potential. We here at Big Turkey Bowling have the solution, or rather, solutions to the 'bowling league problem':
  • Co rec 6's Format - a minimum of 2 ladies per team and a max of 3 males. There is no max of minimum for non-binary players. Your team score will include 4 scores with at least 2 female scores counted. 
  • 6 Week Season (who wants to bowl 32 weeks in a row?)
  • Goofy Theme Nights 
  • Included Items (Shoes, Balls and Super Friendly Supervisor) 
What's really great about Underdog Bowling is that we're committed to the idea that it's ok to be just ok.  Seriously, if you're looking for that perfect game, this is probably not your cup-o-tea.  Although, if you are looking to goof off once a week and meet a whole bunch of really awesome people who'll cheer you on and who you'll cheer on while one or more of you are dressed like it was halloween - you're in the right spot.
  • Minimum 2 ladies, max 3 males (no max of min for non-binary players) bowling per game
  • Teams with more than 6 players may swap new bowlers in for game 2, but not in the middle of either game
  • Your team score will include 4 scores with at least 2 female scores counted. The others are dropped. 
  • Teams may bowl with as few as 4 players as long as there are 2 ladies within that 4. 
  • Scoring Cap on any game of 205... this ain't the PBA
  • Two games per night - no handicaps are used. 


Can I have more than 6 people on my team? Or what if I am missing someone one week?
You can have up to 8 people on your roster, however only 6 people can bowl at once per game, and no substitutions are allowed during the game. You can substitute in between game #1 and game #2 but once you start, that is your set line-up for the game. Since the bottom 2 scores from each game are dropped, you are allowed to bowl down one or 2 players however anything below that is a forfeit.
What about prizes?

Yes, there are Spirit Prizes for Theme Nights! 

Spirit Prizes are awarded for: Rad costumes, loud cheering, super-fly hi-5 routine and amassing the most "Spirit Tickets" in a season.  Don't worry, we'll explain on the lanes.


Anything else I need to know?
Theme nights are for rocking amusing threads...  (Big Hat night, 70's night, Nerd Night) so be sure to check the league schedule.