Spring Co-ed Softball at Paramount Sundays

Team Profiles


Sunday, June 7

Playoff Date 6/7
Playoff Seeds
[1] Park Pub
[2] Here for the Beer
[3] Dashing Turtles
[4] KB's Crew
[5] Twist Restaurant and Lounge
[6] Master Blasters
POTW: Robert DesRosiers
POTW: Robert DesRosiers
Dashing Turtles
The mastermind and coach of the Dashing Turtles improbable march to victory. He held steady and when the turtles were down managed to make all the right moves and encourage his team to keep on fighting. This coach didn't just sit and cheer though he ensured his team would secure victory by timely hitting, and awesome defensive play. He assembled a true "team" wherein all pieces fit perfectly and contributed at all the right times. Congrats Rob you were constantly positive and a leading example for a team that truly played as a team. Congrats Champ and POTW!
  Field 1
12:30 PM
  KB's Crew [10]
  Twist Restaurant and Lounge [9]

POTG: Dave M
2:00 PM
  Dashing Turtles [13]
  Master Blasters [8]

POTG: Emily N
3:30 PM
  Here for the Beer [5]
  Dashing Turtles [24]

POTG: Kim Dodd
5:00 PM
  Park Pub [20]
  KB's Crew [21]

POTG: Keith S
6:30 PM
  Dashing Turtles [24]
  KB's Crew [16]

POTG: Emily N

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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