Well the dust has cleared and we have a brand new league champ. Thigh Power was absolutely dominant in their run to the title and all teams they faced really had no answer fore their power, their aggressiveness and their hustle and it showed. I can't single out any one individual for any single performances because it was a total team effort all day long and in the end they established their dominance and did not waiver. If this team stays together and plays in future USL leagues, they will continue to dominate any and all teams whether they have been in the league for 1 year or 10 years. This team is scary good, they are fun to watch, their fundamentals are incredible and they all feed off of each other and play inspired. It was fun watching them dominate all day long. From Tina to Sebi to Frankie and on down the line this team is awesome. Great season and congratulations on your first league title.