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Winter Softcore Volleyball at First Baptist Thursdays


Cabbage Patch Digs  photo First Place Trophy

Softcore Volleyball at First Baptist Thursdays

  Cabbage Patch Digs

Shaking off the tots

After not matching up in the regular season, Cabbage Patch Digs and Just Really Big Digs met face to face on the championship court. Neither team had any clue what they were up against so they just brought everything they had. There was scrappiness, ace serves, hard hits and lots of cheers & high fives.

Big Digs started the match off with a bang in game one. With a massive serving streak by Mike and a number of well placed attacks they took charge of the game. The players from Cabbage Patch were moving a little slower than usual and at one point a player blamed it on “too many tots,” which they enjoyed at the bar between matches. Big digs won game one with an awesome score of 25-17.

Cabbage Patch walked onto the court in game two with their game faces on and determination in their eyes. Jon, or Just Jon as his team shirt says, jumped a little higher and got a little more aggressive with his attacks and Jen (aka J-cakes) ran her little butt around the court to make lots of clutch saves and also pulled out some strong swings.

On the other side of the court, Jefferson and his band of diggers put up a great fight. Molly played a scrappy game and recovered lots of balls that tried to drop just over the net. Jefferson, the power house of the team sent many rocket spikes onto his opponent’s side and racked up a number of points for his team. Unfortunately a few too many missed serves gave Cabbage Patch the win in game two 25-22.

Game three played out very similar to game two with lots of great hits, saving digs and a few more aces from the back line. Cabbage Patch had officially shaken off the tots by this point and were moving around the court with ease. A big lead had them breathing easy toward the end of the game, but soon the tables turned and Big Digs started racking up some points. A missed serve at 24-17, in favor of Cabbage Patch, gave Big Digs a chance to keep themselves alive. Rally after rally brought the point spread closer together. However, a final attack by Cabbage Patch brought them the championship victory!!

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Just really big digs photo
Second Place Trophy

Softcore Volleyball at First Baptist Thursdays
Second Place

Just really big digs

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Just really big digs
8 (1)º 1 0 16 5
  Cabbage Patch Digs
7 1 0 14 6
  Unprotected Sets
6 2 0 12 7
  Bump, Set, Pow!
3 4 0 6 9
  Serves You Right
3 5 (1)º 0 6 11
  Spike Club
2 5 0 4 12
  Amateur Hour
1 6 0 2 19
  Indy #V9
0 7 0 0 20
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