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Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays


Bump, Set, Collide photo First Place Trophy

Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays

  Bump, Set, Collide

Teamwork and Beers Make The Dream Work
Bump, Set, Collide takes the championship by storm

Bump, Set, Collide had a busy Tuesday night ahead of them. They started their night off at Seattle Central for an opening game of a new season. They then had to kill an hour of time and used some beers to reboot their energy levels for the evening. Once the semi-finals started you could see that the energy they consumed in the form of beers was working. Ryan and his team were stronger than ever, and took a quick and hefty lead! With this momentum they were able to not out their first opponents in 2 games! Next up was a rematch against Morning Missiles and what would be their 3rd match of the night! Their opponent had a hour break to recharge but that was no challenge for Bump, Set, Collide who caught Morning Missiles off guard and once again gained a large lead! The teams hitting and blocking were phenomenal last night but what won them the championship was their serves. Going into the second game of the championship Ryan H. sealed the deal by serving 13 in a row to start the game!! This knocked Morning Missiles off their game and the rest is history! Congrats Bump, Set, Collide on your championship! See you next season to defend your title!

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Morning Missiles photo
Second Place Trophy

Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays
Second Place

Morning Missiles

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Morning Missiles
7 1 0 14 5
  Bump, Set, Collide
6 2 0 12 7
  Dunkin Dognuts
3 4 0 6 10
  Liquid Courage
2 5 0 4 12
  Susan's Uncontrollable Hits
0 6 0 0 17
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