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Fall Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays


Russell Wilson Tribute Band photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays

  Russell Wilson Tribute Band

Russel Wilson Tribute Band (RWTB)!!!
***New Champs Alert***

RWTB faced the Ball Busters in a nail-biting championship match, coming back from a loss in the first set to win it all. They started with a decent lead that remained for most of the first game, but the Ball Busters came back for the upset. That wasn’t going to stop RWTB though. They went into the second set with a new determination and focus. Plays started connecting more, they fell into a rhythm, and each rally won fueled them further. Just like the first set the score was neck and neck until the final point, but with a concentrated effort of teamwork RWTB took the second set. The final set would determine it all, but RWTB had nothing to worry about. Despite exhaustion setting in they pushed through and played their hearts out, sweeping the third set. Congratulations Russell Wilson Tribute Band on becoming Underdog champs!!

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Ball Busters photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays
Second Place

Ball Busters

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Russell Wilson Tribute Band 8 0 0 16 3
2   Ball Busters 7 1 0 14 5
3   Chewblocka 5 3 0 10 8
4   Unprotected Sets 4 4 0 8 9
5   The Fireballers 3 5 0 6 15
6   Setters of Catan 2 5 0 4 14
7   sports! 1 5 0 2 12
8   How I Set Your Mother 0 7 0 0 18
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When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.