Summer Funcore Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs

  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6 men and 4 women) - Rosters Up to 15 Players
  • Locations: Cascade Playfield, Denny Park
  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Started on : Started on Tuesday, June 18
  • Dates: 6.18, 6.20, 6.25, 6.27, 7.2, 7.9, 7.11, 7.16, 7.18, 7.23, 7.25, 7.30, 8.1, 8.6, 8.8, 8.13, 8.15, 8.20, 8.22
  • Times: 6:15 PM, 7:15 PM

What is a "Funcore" league? You still get great fields, T-Shirts, Team Pictures, a witty Underdog Umpire and everything else you have come to expect with Underdog. The difference is while scores will be kept during the game, “Funcore Kickball” leagues will have no weekly standings and no traditional playoff system. Instead, no matter how many runs you score or give up, your team will only be judged on certain characteristics to determine an ultimate champ of the league which will include:

Team Spirit
Theme Nights
And of course Dancing (but no loud music please!)

Instead of playoffs, teams will receive extra games at the end of the season and can request a matchup with a certain fun team the last week of the season. The top two teams as rated for fun by the umps will also square off to determine the Spirit champ of the league. The point of Funcore leagues is to bring a few locations back to the day when you played in your backyard or at a picnic and no one really cared what the score was and who won or lost…. You just wanted to play for an hour and have fun. If you have a work team or a group of friends who love playing kickball but hate feeling like you are letting someone down every time you check out the standings page, then we encourage you to give our new Funcore Leagues a try. What do you have to lose….nothing! Literally!!

Game start times between 6:15 and 7:15pm, 8 game season.

  • Funcore Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs

    • Level: Softcore
    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Age: 21 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Closed
      • Cost:
      • Team
        $675.00 Total
    • Individual