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Summer Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays


Squirrels photo First Place Trophy

Summer Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays


They Did It!!!
.... again!

No stranger to the big dance, Squirrels earned their nut ... err crown and are this season's victors! Anyone following this season would not be surprised to hear Squirrels took the champions title. Going into the final match, Squirrels were UNDEFEATED!! Not just matches, but in games, too! Let's recap the semies and the final.

At 7:30pm, Squirrels squared off against Laurelann and Friends. Squirrels showed dominance right from the start. They quickly won game 1, but found themselves having to work a bit harder in game 2. Laurelann and Friends must have had a stirring speech between games and came out strong. We saw multiple lead changes and a game that stretched into extra points. Both teams had strong service, rallies, and daring saves. Squirrels squirreled away with the win and into the championship match.

The championship was competitive and exactly what you want to see in the title match!! Some of the best volleyball we've seen in Underdog history, I swear. See You Next Tuesday brought a collective effort and all-out hustle. Game one went to the Squirrels, bringing them just 1 win away from the perfect season. Could they achieve it? Not on See You Next Tuesday's watch. That's right!! A few strong blocks at key moments late in game 2 allowed See You Next Tuesday to force game 3. Could Squirrels come back from this loss? Would their focus waiver?

Game 3 opened with a 5-0 service run from Squirrels and they didn't look back. Strong play from both teams really made for an exciting final and either team could have walked away with the Champs prize swag; but, Squirrels locked it down and are this season's champs!

Congratulations and see ya'll next season!!

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See You Next Tuesday photo
Second Place Trophy

Summer Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays
Second Place

See You Next Tuesday

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
9 0 0 18 1
  See You Next Tuesday
7 3 0 14 9
  Get it up!
4 3 (1)º 0 8 7
  The Rainierdeers
4 3 0 8 8
  Laurelann and Friends
4 4 0 8 12
  Smash That Spike Button
2 (1)º 6 0 4 16
  Volley Llamas
1 6 0 2 18
  All About da Ace
0 6 0 0 17
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.