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Bocce Ball Leagues will return in the Summer!


Spring Leagues are almost here!
   Returning Players: February 6th
   New Players: February 13th


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How Underdog Bocce Works

How Underdog Bocce Works

The Format and the Flow

Bocce Scorecard

The flow... 4 teammates (2 men/2 women) line up on one end of the court (for each team), each throw 1 ball. Your other two teammates stand at the opposite end of the court and act as "spotters". When that "inning/frame" is finished, 2 players walk to the opposite end to meet the 2 spotters who are now throwers. The 2 who stay are now spotters.


First team to 7 wins that round, with several rounds in each of 2 matches, as time allows. Laid back, social format!

Amazing Greenlake location at the Woodland Park Lawn Bowling Club, easy to get to from either 99 or the lake drive! Google Map

  •     6 players per team
  •     3 women / 3 men play each game
  •     Rosters up to 10
  •     Head-to-head match format
  •     Games are to 7, matches last about 45 minutes
  •     2 matches per night, against 2 different teams


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Players of the Game

Oct 18 - Feb 20

Julie C - she won the game for us with beer on her face

Misty S

KapKa Ballers

She had some crazy stunts

Katey S

The Big LaBocce

Undercover player!

Shay P

Son Of A Bocce

Winning throw!

Sarah R

Grillin' on the Hibocce - Indy #B10

Through the leg shot!

Olivia T

The B9 Bombers - Indy #B9

Expert at throwing the pallino

Melanie K


She is the brightest person here

Dean F


For being swol!

Misty S

KapKa Ballers

Best of the best!

Players of the Week

Oct 18 - Feb 20

tiffany Schuster

Rolle Bolle

Tiffany takes spirit very seriously and when given the challenge to create her own theme she rose to meet it with skittles!!! This skittles idea was able to take her team to the top and rise to the occasion of winning spirit champions!! Great job Tiffany!!

Rick Pardo

EveryBOCCE Was Kung Fu Fighting- Indy #B11

Rick is who I would call a man of the people and making sure his team has the fair chance of winning. He wants to make sure everyone is represented and accounted for and lifts his team up by keeping everyone involved! It doesn't hurt that he has a mean closer of a a throw! His concentration is only broken to include all in conversation and enjoyment! Great work team and Rick!

Hani Saliba

KapKa Ballers

Hani is a one of a kind guy! He is a team player and all about making sure everyone is having a good time! So much so that he will go out of his way to make sure that his team gets credit for their successes and earning prize tickets! He is also a sniper on the playing field. His rolls are just right and help his team to victory! Great work Hani!!!

Elizabeth Marn

Indy #B12

Elizabeth and her team may be quiet at first but turn on the music and they will dance their way Down the court! Elizabeth was key in keeping her team pumped up throughout the night and providing clutch throws in the heat of the game! Her ability to be both fun and strategic led to her team enjoying their evening and preparing for next weeks plaid night! Great job Elizabeth

Susie Weber


It was a great night for the Dino-scores as Susie Weber led them to a key victory. Susie stepped up to the challenge of carrying her team with a perfect roll that ended up touching the Palino in a key win.

Sassy and Spirited!

Indy #B13

I would like to recognize Mike for bringing tons of energy and excitement to bocce ball every week. I know I can always count on him to rally the troops and keep things moving. His sassy personality always keeps me on my feet and his themed outfits are consistently on point. I hope to see you in the next league, keep bringing the spirit!

Make Bocce Ball Great Again!

Marky Mark and the Bocce Bunch 2.0

This week's player of the game award goes to Sarah Wallace from Marky Mark and the Bocce Bunch! Sarah played an outstanding game, and her teammates said she couldn't be beat. Although the entire team was decked out in red, white, and blue, Sarah was the star that tied it all together. Nice job tonight, #I'mwithher

Christopher Nykorchuck

INSANITY on the courtes

This is less a player of the week and more a team of the week! Christopher helped his team go for the most amazing streak we have seen in indoor bocce! Their team got 3 bocces in a row. Then a fourth and a fifth a few ends later. They were able to get a cheering crowed to gather as they played the most dominating game of bocce we have yet to see. Never underestimate the power of a indy team!

Danielle Fritz The sharpshooter

The Orbiters have a secret weapon!

No longer is she known as Danielle Fritz, but Danielle Blitz! Danielle took the final game winning shot for her team in what is sure to go down in bocce ball history. The scores were tied 6 to 6 and the opponents were sitting with three balls next to the pallino. Danielle was the Orbiters last hope. She took the shot and took out all three balls and placed her ball within a inch of the pallino! It was even caught on film as proof. The crowed went wild and her team walked away champions of the night!

Jack Heintz Bringing it back!

Indy team has some experience!

Jack Heintz lots his previous years team as many of the plays moved out of town. But instead of giving up he joined a Indy team and has been showing them just how Bocce is done! Using his wide knowledge base he has been doing a great job teaching the team exactly what indoor bocce is all about! I would keep an eye out and take some notes on what he does, Jack and his team are going to be a team worth watching!