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Become Friends with Seattle's Biggest Sports League!

Is your company interested in getting their foot in the Sports League World? How about partnering with the recreational sports leader in Seattle? Introduce yourself to Underdog's extensive network of Puget Sound professionals by becoming one of Underdog's Friends.


If you're interested in a partnership with Underdog on any of the following levels, contact us at


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Members of Underdog's Family are committed to what we offer and are interested in buying in to the whole package. Becoming part of the Underdog Family makes you a company-wide sponsor, with your brand name and imagery spread across all facets of Underdog's leagues, events, and promotional materials.


CASE STUDY: American Honey Bourbon became a member of the Underdog Family in 2012, becoming the official Spirits Friend of Underdog Sports League Seattle. American Honey has taken a prominent roll ever since, appearing in our Newsletter, on our Event shirts, and on the Underdog Website, as well as on our banners and signage around the Seattle area. Underdog athletes even get a discount when ordering American Honey at our Sponsor Bars!


As part of the partnership, athletes that participate in the Funcore division of Underdog's Spring and Summer Seattle Kickball leagues are qualified to win a trip to American Honey's annual "Bar-sity World Championship" kickball tournament. Underdog facilitates a weekend kickball extravaganza every year for American Honey as well, known as the "Funcore Weekend".








If your company would rather focus on Football and Dodgeball than Kickball and Bocce, or if you're looking to get your banners exclusively at the Lower Woodlands playfields, then become a League Friend of Underdog to pick and choose your promotional locations. Being a League Friend of Underdog comes with Sampling privileges and exclusive rights to an extensive web of Underdog's eager young professionals.


CASE STUDY: In 2014, Clif Bar sponsored  Underdog Kickball and Cornhole leagues in Seattle as an outlet to sample their new Mojo Bars to Underdog's network of young professionals. On the opening day of each league, each team received a box of Mojo bars to sample. In addition, they sponsored the Red Rubber Showdown Kickball Tournament and distributed bars to teams throughout the day from their on-site tent.









Be the Official Sponsor of an upcoming Underdog event! Underdog is known to play host to some of the biggest Tournaments and Events in Seattle, such as the legen- wait for it -dary Annual Halloween Bash, and the Kickball classic Red Rubber Showdown in July, and you could be a part of them! Underdog Event Friends receive many benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Sampling and giveaway rights
  • A booth or tent setup at the event. Feel free to bring a street/promo team as well.
  • Banner and signage space.
  • Logo printed on the program, schedule, and other event documents.
  • Logo printed on the uniforms/champ shirts for the event.
  • In some cases, naming rights to the event.


CASE STUDY: Flywheel is a recurring Event Friend for the Red Rubber Showdown in July. This year, in addition to having signage and banners at the field, as well as their Flywheel printed a code on the Event Program for $10 off your first ride, leading to many new account activations for first-time customers.









Expand your online reach with Underdog! Web Friends of Underdog gain an immediate boost in email presence, reaching the inboxes of over 45,000 dedicated and interested Underdog athletes through the Underdog Newsletter. Web Friends also get exclusive access to Underdog's Social Media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as advertising space on the Underdog website.


CASE STUDY: The Great Urban Race became a Web Friend of Underdog for their 2012 event in Portland, and was prominently featured on Underdog's Facebook and Twitter sites. They also received an introduction as the newest Friend of Underdog in the Underdog Newsletter. Pleased with the partnership, The Great Urban Race teamed with Underdog again to promote their 2013 event in Seattle.