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Fall Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Tuesdays 7pm


3F Bowlers photo First Place Trophy

FALL[06] Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Tuesdays 7pm

  3F Bowlers

3F Bowlers score Straight A's for a Championship
Defending Champs just Azzholes again

There are some teams you know are always going to be there in the end. The Yankees will stink half the season, and then finish with the best record in the AL going into the playoffs. Tom Brady will ice the competition to keep the Patriots a Superbowl threat. And in the realm of Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial, you know it's gonna come down to Barry Nishimura, BJ Ong, and Kiyoshi Imanaka.
Last season, Kiyoshi's Bowling Azzholes upset BJ's Chicken Heads for a championship, with Barry's Busterz coming in third. The season before that, The Chicken Heads edged out Busterz for the crown, with the #1 ranked Azzholes finishing in third. The season before that- well, you get the picture.
That picture remained much the same this season, but with one twist: still smarting from their defeats of last season, Barry and BJ decided to finally combine forces into one epic- super-invincible- powerhouse- of-bowling- might- The 3F Bowlers.
The Azzholes started off right, blowing through their competition of Gutt'r Dun (who salvaged third against XXX after warming up- see: drinking heavily). 3F had a close game against XXX until the end, when they pulled it out by 30 pins.
The championship was heated and tense, with the two teams being within just a few pins of each other at several points. But in the end, it was BJ turning it on with a late Turkey that sealed the deal and brought an epic victory to and epic team. Indeed, it had been broughten, all the way.
Congratulations BJ and Barry and all the 3F Bowlers- you are BTB's Fall 2006 Imperial Champs!

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Bowling Azzholes photo
Second Place Trophy

FALL[06] Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Tuesdays 7pm
Second Place

Bowling Azzholes

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Gutt'rDun photo
Third Place Trophy

FALL[06] Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Tuesdays 7pm
Third Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   3F Bowlers 6 0 0 12 1
2   Bowling Azzholes 4 2 0 8 7
3   Gutt'rDun 4 2 0 8 7
4   Lo Siento 3 3 0 6 10
5   XXX 3 3 0 6 12
6   Long Pins, Big Balls 3 3 0 6 13
7   The Shockers 2 4 0 4 16
8   Wicked Cowbells 2 4 0 4 16
9   Calmer Than You Are 2 4 0 4 17
10   Indy #1 1 5 0 2 19
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.