Spring Co-ed Softball Magnolia/Queen Anne Sundays [SPR 05]

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Sunday, June 5

Playoff Date: 6/5
Playoff Seeds

[1] The Usual Suspects
[2] Bottom of the Fifth
[3] Here for the Beer
[4] Swingers
[5] Master Batters
[6] One Hit Wonders


[1] Da Holly G Show
[2] Last One Picked
[3] Slammers
[4] Gemini
[5] Spring Salsa
[6] IR Softball Solutions
POTW: Camella Wahl
POTW: Camella Wahl
Last One PIcked
Camella Wahl was the most consistent player in the entire day of the Magnolia/Queen Anne League. She single handedly lead her team, Last One Picked, to the championship. With a total of eight hits and seven RBIS, Camella had a stellar day. As if this wasn't good enough, she also played the hot corner with a Wade Boggs precision defensive. When the games were on the line and their backs against the wall, Camella came up big. She crushed a double in the top of the seventh inning of the semifinals to drive in the RBI to take the lead. Camella also snagged a stiff line drive in the bottom of the inning, with one out and a man on second to put the final nail in IR Softball Solution's coffin. She only got better in the finals. Camella was 4-4 with four RBI and hit the game tying RBI single against the top seated Da Holly G Show. Again, with two men on in the top of the last inning, she hit a single to tie the game and ignite her teams rally. Great job Camella, can't wait to see the highlights on Sportscenter.
  Field 1 Field 2
12:00 PM
  Gemini [14]
  Spring Salsa [17]
POG: Kara Villanoeva
  Swingers [9]
  Master Batters [14]
POTG: Jason I
1:30 PM
  Spring Salsa [6]
  Da Holly G Show [14]
POTG: Alberto R
  Master Batters [17]
  The Usual Suspects [15]
POTG: Josh H
3:00 PM
  Slammers [6]
  IR Softball Solutions [9]
POTG: Tony K
  Here for the Beer (Indy #2) [10]
  One Hit Wonders [18]
POTG: Jason C
4:30 PM
  IR Softball Solutions [17]
  Last One PIcked [19]
POTG: camella w
  One Hit Wonders [13]
  Bottom of the Fifth [11]
POTG: Jeannet G
6:00 PM
  Da Holly G Show [8]
  Last One PIcked [13]
POTG: Michelle P
  One Hit Wonders [2]
  Master Batters [13]
POTG: Josh H

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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