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Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays


That’s what she set photo First Place Trophy

Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays

  That’s what she set

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Well what a night for playoffs! After battling their way through the entire bracket, our #5 seed I'd Hit That faced off against the #2 seed That's What She Set. Could I'd Hit That win 3 matches in a single night? Could the undefeated That's What She Set beat I'd Hit That for the second time this season AND achieve a perfect match record?

After controlling and powering their way through the 6:30 and 7:30 matches, I'd Hit That re-hydrated at a nearby watering hole while That's What She Set took the court for their 8:30 semi-final against the # seed Vollipops. After a bit of friendly captains' banter, the match began. Quickly, extra-strong serves and ball control had That's What She Set out to a commanding lead. The pace and power, fortified by a strong block and defensive specialists secured That's What She Set a spot in the finals after 2 games.

Now, if you've never played in a volleyball playoff match - the winning team often opts NOT to play the third game - saving their energy for games with weight and forgoing the exhibition game. Not tonight! That's What She Set and the Vollipops shuffled teams up and played a 15 minute game filled with spirit and focused on creating fun for everyone - a true Underdog moment.

All three matches up until the final were decided after just 2 games - would the championship be as one-sided?

No they would not!

Over the course of a three game match that pushed to the time limits - we saw this season's best match up! Game one had I'd Hit That jump out to a early lead, capitalizing off unforced errors and strong attacks. That's What She Set crept back point by point and tied the game up at 12s. I'd Hit That breached the 20s first and took the game, 25-23.

Game two started out wit ha bit of reverse déjà vu. Meg P. racked up a 4-0 run with 2 aces and started That's What She Set on their road to a 2-game victory. However, I'd Hit That's captain, Jodie - maintained positive communication and her team tied things up at 19 all. These two teams battled point for point through the teens and the last stretch was hard fought. Having former player of the week and middle powerhouse, Drew O., in the front row for the last 5 points helped That's What She Set force a third game.

It must be said - every player on that court had moments of being their team's "go-to person" AND all players bounced back from errors. The all-around mental strength and athleticism made this an incredible match to watch.

Game three.
This would be That's What She Set's fifth game of the night and I'd Hit That's seventh. Did I'd Hit That have enough in the tank to overcome That's What She Set's nearly impenetrable block, return their precision serves, find the holes in a defensive coverage that seemed to be everywhere at once? Would That's What She Set maintain their composure and not lapse into unforced errors?

That's What She Set opened up game 3 with a 10-0 run and never looked back. The biggest lead of the match happened at 18-7. I'd Hit That dig deep and earned back a few points but could not halt That's What She Set's momentum.

Congratulations to this season's Champions - That's What She Set!
It's not too common that a second season team with rookies takes the title - perhaps it was the pre-match meals you shared that created bonds that extended onto the court.. or maybe it was careful recruitment that brought this exceptional blend of talent together... could it have been your dedicated fans, with you to the end... maybe the good vibes from teammates who could not be there to play. Whatever the x-factor is - we cannot wait to see you in a future Underdog league!

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Second Place Trophy

Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays
Second Place

I'd Hit That

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  That’s what she set
8 0 0 16 4
  Chewblocca - Indy #V54
6 1 0 12 3
4 (2)º 3 0 8 8
  I'd Hit That
4 5 (1)º 0 8 12
3 4 0 6 9
  Indy Dogs
2 4 0 4 13
  Captain Hammer & Crew
1 5 0 2 13
  middle school vball players
0 6 (1)º 0 0 13
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