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Bowling Standings

Fall Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage Mondays 6:30pm


Barbowlza photo First Place Trophy

Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage Mondays 6:30pm


Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

It's taken a few seasons... and more than a few penalty shots... but Barbowlza FINALLY claimed their title as LEAGUE CHAMPS!

A season that they refer to as "sensational" but "bizarre", every week, Barbowlza strove to be better than the last. This wasn't just a mindset but a friendly game where the penalty for not getting as many pins each frame as the week it was (2 pins for week 2, 3 pins for week 3, etc) was a shot of motivation. With the playoffs being week 6, Barbowlza was primed for some high scores.

The semi-final came and went - the 4-seed Kickin' Some A$$ets tried as they might, were unable to upset the 1-seed Barbowlza. In the other semi-final, the 3-seeded Bowlin' with the Punches DID upset our 2-seed, Bowling with the Homies - a very tight 9 pin margin!

With 2 seasoned teams in the finals - you know it was a competitive match! With a title on the line, Barbowlza started the first few frames incredibly strong - XX, ///, // ... Bowling with the Punches was feeling the pressure early and knew it was going to be a battle to come back. With one bowler putting up a season high 191, Barbowlza rolled away with the CHAMPS title and into the record books.

Barbowlza would like to give a shout out to the league commissioner, "we've bowled for years and when you entered the scene, things started trending towards this moment". (THANKS GUYS!) ... Also, they want the world to know their team name is inspired by Seattle's very own Barboza and that they love their favorite sponsors, Barboza and Heritage Distilling. "Thank you for fueling us for the win!"

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Bowling with the Punches photo
Second Place Trophy

Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage Mondays 6:30pm
Second Place

Bowling with the Punches

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  Team Total Score
1   Barbowlza 19
2   Bowling with the Punches 17
3   Livin' on a Spare 13
4   Bowlin' With The Homies 13
5   Kickin' Some A$$sets 12
6   I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter! 7
7   Gutterfingers 6
8   Ball Fondlers 4
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