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Winter Co-ed Softball on Capitol Hill Sundays

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Sunday, March 10

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Christophers and Friends forfeited to One Hit Wonder.
Amanda and Friends
Amanda and Friends
On a sunny March afternoon, Amanda and Friends completed a perfect season and took home the title in an 11-4 victory over Master Batters. Congrats to both teams on a great season. We are looking forward to seeing both of you in the future!
Robert Fusco
Robert Fusco
Amanda and Friends
Robert came up big on the most important weekend of the season. During Amanda and Friends 11-4 championship victory, Robert went 2-3 and showed off some of his power with a home run. Great season Robert!
  Field 2
12:30 PM
  Master Batters [19]
  Pitch Please - Indy #S2 [4]
POTG: Melissa P
2:00 PM
3:30 PM
  One Hit Wonder [7]
  Amanda and Friends [19]
POTG: Chris P
5:00 PM
  Master Batters [4]
  Amanda and Friends [11]
POTG: Robert F

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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