Spring Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Wednesdays 7pm

Team Profiles


Wednesday, May 5

Pirate Night
Playoff Date 5/5
4 Teams Advance, ALL Teams Bowl!!!
Playoff Seeds

[1] Set 'em up, knock 'em down
[2] 2 Pin Minimum
[3] The Keglers
[4] Incredibeer
POTW: Jenny  Wilson
POTW: Jenny Wilson
The Keglers
Jenny stepped into the first game of playoffs with a determined look on her face (and a cowboy pirate hat on her head). While her team didn't come out vicorious, Jenny (aka Yenny) did bowl a personal best of 174 including 6 straight spares followed by a strike in the 10th. What's more, Jenny/Yenny led her team in spirit as dance choreographer.
  7:00 PM 8:00 PM
Lanes 1 and 2
Lanes 3 and 4
Lanes 5 and 6
Lanes 7 and 8

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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