About Bocce Ball


  •  6 players per team
  •  3 women / 3 men play each game
  •  Rosters up to 10
  •  Head-to-head match format
  •  Games are to 7, matches last about 1 hour
  •  2 matches per night, against 2 different teams


The Format and the Flow

Bocce Scorecard

The flow... 4 teammates (2 men/2 women) line up on one end of the court (for each team), each throw 1 ball. Your other two teammates stand at the opposite end of the court and act as "spotters". When that "inning/frame" is finished, 2 players walk to the opposite end to meet the 2 spotters who are now throwers. The 2 who stay are now spotters.


First team to 7 wins that round, with several rounds in each of 2 matches, as time allows. Laid back, social format!