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How can Underdog Trivia help out my company?

If the question is “Can Underdog Trivia do it?”, the answer is probably “YES!”


  • Can you create the team breakouts for me if I send you a list of names? YES
  • Can we have the boss/manager give a speech? YES
  • Can we ask for special topics for our team? YES
  • Can you leave extra time for employees to meet each other and hang out? YES
  • Can we run the event during the day? And pick out own date and time? YES and YES
  • Can Underdog Trivia be run on Teams instead of Zoom? YES
  • Can we split up certain people to make sure all the managers are not in one group? YES
  • Can you send me an invoice to get approval for my budget? YES
  • Can I attend an Open House (30-minute commitment) to see Underdog Trivia in action? YES!


Sample Underdog Trivia!

Drop us your name and email for an invite to our next free Open House.



Book an Online Company Trivia Party

Be the hero of your office with a ready-made team building WFH corporate event.


Is an employee's fun worth $15?


Great companies across the country have already said "YES!"




Sample Underdog Trivia!

Drop us your name and email for an invite to our next free Open House.



Underdog Trivia is the simple company party for your next happy hour, morale event, or team building party.


Don't take our word for it... 



“Had a great time!

Underdog provided some solid

team engagement and entertainment.

Thanks for bringing us a little

closer as a team in the time of quarantine.”

-  Erik W., Intel 



An Underdog Trivia Party includes:

  • Live game show hosts
  • All the questions, puzzles, and categories
  • The hosting and technology (via Zoom or Teams)
  • Team creation, management, and breakout rooms
  • Customization and follow-up team pictures


From 10 to 120 people, book a simple and fun event for your co-workers that actually breaks the ice and allows them to connect over a shared activity like Underdog Trivia.


We take care of the details so you can actually enjoy your next party instead of building it from scratch.