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Fall Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage Mondays 8:30pm


Glory Bowl photo First Place Trophy

Big Turkey Bowling at the Garage Mondays 8:30pm

  Glory Bowl

Underdog take the Championship
Glory Bowl Wins!

If you would have told me a few seasons ago that Glory Bowl was in the playoff I would have laughed. If you would have told me they won the whole league, I would have blank stared. But this group of rag tag bowlers have come a long way!

Each season they used to strive for greatness the only way they knew trying to win the Spirit Championship. They never thought their skills could take them to the big time, but I, and they, were wrong.

They matched up against Spare Change and all you could hear were cheers coming from their lane. It was great to watch this team get better throughout the seasons and see them take the title. Thanks for always making the league fun and friendly!

Congrats Glory Bowl! And to their Spirit Champs competitors Three Fingers Deep for taking the Spirit Champs Prize home this season!

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  Team Total Score
1   Spare Change 15
2   3 Fingers Deep 15
3   Formerly Indy 15
4   Glory Bowl 12
5   Pin Pals 11
6   vons1000 strikes 7
7   Bowling with the Homies 6
8   Gutter Gang 5
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