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Summer Rookie Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs


The Camandos photo First Place Trophy

SUM[08] Rookie Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs

  The Camandos

The Camandos Execute A Perfect Tactical Strike for Championship!
Booze on First left Hungover, Missing Pants

Tuesday at Cascade saw a battle of man (and woman) versus nature, to go along with some epic kickball battles.

In early action, The Camandos took on Steve Pool's Sluggers for a birth in the championship match. The Camandos jumped out by two runs early on a big kick, but after that it was all defense from both sides. Shefali Pace showed Cy Young form on the mound, limiting the Sluggers to one run for the entire game. The Camandos' early runs made the difference as they finished off the Steve Pool fan club and advanced.

In the championship game, the story was defense again, at least for most of the game. Booze on first matched the Camandos' defensive intensity from the get go, and after four full innings, a run had yet to be scored by either side. Then in the 5th, the explosion happened. A couple of good kicks and a few fielding errors gave the Camandos four runs in what seemed like an instant. In the bottom half, Booze answered right back, though, moving their runners systematically around the bases for four of their own. As we went to the sixth inning, the already rough field conditions worsened due to the light rain, and it only looked to get worse. A last inning was called, but with no runs scored and a 4-4 tie still in effect, we went to the 7th and final inning to get a winner. The Camandos broke through with two runs in the top half, but Booze on First weren't going to go quietly into the night. They added one run, and loaded the bases with 2 outs and one last shot to bring home a title. With conditions as they were, even a simple pop-up could have been easily misplayed, and any base hit would probably win the game for them.

In the end, though, it was a brilliant catch by Camandos outfielder Tony Marino, sliding to his knees and volleyball digging the ball up to himself, that ended the game and gave the Camandos the dramatic victory. Booze on First tipped their hats to a great individual and team effort.

Congratulations, Camandos- 2008 Summer Kickball Champs!

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Booze On First photo
Second Place Trophy

SUM[08] Rookie Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs
Second Place

Booze On First

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Steve Pool's Sluggers photo
Third Place Trophy

SUM[08] Rookie Kickball Downtown Tues/Thurs
Third Place

Steve Pool's Sluggers

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Booze On First
7 1 0 14 29
  The Camandos
7 1 0 14 44
  Steve Pool's Sluggers
6 (1)º 2 0 12 48
  Jones Soda Co.
4 (1)º 4 0 8 64
  Small Feet, Big Balls
3 (1)º 4 0 6 53
  Kick Ballaz
2 5 (3)º 0 4 44
  Let's go to the bar - Indy #1
1 6 0 2 112
  KPG Rushing Mafia
0 7 0 0 83
º Forfeits
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