It was the play of the game, maybe the season, and it WAS the game and the season on the line as it happened. In an excellent championship match, The Camandos and Booze on First traded blows back and forth, matching each other step for step the whole game. Both played great defense early, leading to a 0-0 tie at the end of four. Both exploded offensively in the 5th, scoring 4 runs apiece. The Camandos added two more runs in one last push at the top of the 7th, but the Boozers came right back, adding a run of their own and loading the bases with 2 outs in the bottom half. Any fielding mistake on the part of the Camandos would probably have cost them the game. Fortunately, outfielder Tony Marino had been watching ESPN Web Gems all afternoon and decided to make one of his own, a spectacular catch in which he slid to his knees to dig out a quick dropping fly ball with one hand, and secure it with another. The Camandos rejoiced, earning their championship in the most cluthc way possible, while the stunned Boozers could only tip their hats in respect. Congratulations, Tony and the Camandos!