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Flag Football Standings

Fall Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays


BLOODBATH photo First Place Trophy

Fall Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays


BLOODBATH Does it Again!

Bloodbath wins another Championship, but in different fashion. After coming off a undefeated 2013 season, this year they took some lumps with injuries to key players, and teams gunning for them all season. This year they did it as a 5 seed, but played like a 1 seed as soon as the playoffs started. Going up against a very tough Team Q, BLOODBATH successfully jumped out early, and made it tough for Q to mount a comeback. Team Q is also a past Champ, and not only know how to win they like to win! But BLOODBATH was able to get an early 2 score lead and were not going to let up, and Q could not spark up enough of a rally and fell short in the 32 to 20 final. Great game to both teams, and I know these teams will meet again down the road.

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Fall Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   BDA Misfits 7 1 0 14 215
2   XFL 6 2 1 13 251
3   BLOODBATH 6 3 0 12 232
4   Triple Ecks 5 1 1 11 229
5   Q 5 4 0 10 373
6   Gators 3 4 0 6 265
7   Depleted Talent 2 4 1 5 213
8   TDnA 2 4 1 5 222
9   HAYWIRE 0 6 0 0 223
Apptio photo First Place Trophy



Apptio Shines in the Championship

The first Championship game of the night brought two teams together who were both on top of their game, and started to gel when it counted. Apptio and Aint Nothing but a Sloth Thang were both hitting on all cylinders by the time playoffs rolled around, and both were very tough to beat. This game was definitely an offensive game, as the defenses had a tough time stopping the ball from crossing the goal-line and it turned into who had the ball last. With the final ending 38 to 31, it was Apptio's defense that was able to stop a last second drive and send the Sloths back to the drawing board for next season. The success of both these teams came from the strong core of female players who typically lead in the receiving stats, and racked up plenty of yards after the catch. With these two strong squads, it made for a fun, clean championship and Apptio was able to leave the field rocking their new Champ shirts. Great season Apptio!

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Softcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Apptio 6 3 0 12 242
2   Back That Pass Up 5 2 0 10 140
3   Touchdown My Pants 4 3 0 8 208
4   Aint nothin but a Sloth Thang 4 5 0 8 289
5   Guidant Financial 2 5 0 4 177
6   Don't Try This At Home 1 6 0 2 199
7   Chix and Stix 0 5 0 0 194
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.