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Late Spring Co-ed Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays


Thundercats  photo First Place Trophy

Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays


Thundercats win softcore championship
Cats win in walkoff fashion after blowing 7-run lead

After making short work of Sluggin'Beans in the semifinal, Thundercats took on The Reinforcers for the spring season softcore title. After trading scoreless innings with fine defense by both sides, the Thundercats broke through first for three runs, then eventually built up a 7-0 lead after 5 frames. It appeared the last game of the season would end up a laugher, but instead the Reinforcers struck back in the 6th, tying the score at 7 and only stopping there because of the run Cap for the inning. The big comeback couldn't be extended into the final inning, however, and the 7-7 tie held into the home 7th. Thundercats led off with a base hit and would load the bases for player of the game Will Moore. Will lofted a fly hall to medium-deep right-center field that was caught for an out but proved deep enough for the winning run to cross the plate on the sacrifice fly.

It was a disappointing defeat for the Reinforcers, who fought hard to defeat Scared Hitless in their semifinal game. That contest was a seesaw affair that featured several lengthy innings played in steady rain before finally reaching an end with an 18-15 Reinforcers victory after nearly 2 hours of play.

Team leaders Cole Soreano and Tino Ferrer set a fine tone for their respective squads and made for greatly enjoyable games to close out a fine season of softball. May both the Thundercats and Reinforcers return to Underdog softball for future seasons of sportsmanlike play!

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The Reinforcers  photo
Second Place Trophy

Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays
Second Place

The Reinforcers

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Scared Hitless - Indy #S9 photo
Third Place Trophy

Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays
Third Place

Scared Hitless - Indy #S9

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Big Dingers 7 0 0 14 61
2   Pulled Hammies 6 2 0 12 92
3   Thundercats 5 3 0 10 78
4   Wyatt's Wizards 4 3 0 8 70
5   The Reinforcers 4 5 0 8 113
6   Sluggin Beans 3 4 0 6 100
7   Scared Hitless - Indy #S9 3 4 0 6 87
8   Two Pizza Team 2 5 0 4 110
9   One Bat - Indy #S8 1 5 0 2 106
10   Wildcats 1 5 0 2 104
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.