At the beginning of this game both teams were evenly matched and both were finding it hard to break through. Then when both teams started to score they couldn't seem to get stops necessary on defense.

There were missed opportunities on both sides of the ball by both teams to say the least, but you don't win a championship by missed opportunities you win by taking advantage.

Even in these tough games you look for one player that had one effect on the game where you see a turning point. That turning point came from the interception of Tabitha Jones who got a huge interception in the game on a fourth and goal play. This was early in the game, but it helped get her team in the right mindset and set the tone for them on the defensive side of the ball.

This energy was infectious and without this key play from Tabitha who knows if Tune Squad would've been able to seal the deal late in the game. It's these moments that make champions and that's why Tabitha is not only the Player of the Week, but also the MVP of the game. Congrats to the champs in a grind it out win. Y'all give it up for Tabitha the real MVP.