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Summer Softcore Kickball in West Seattle Mon/Wed


Kick Yo Couch Ninja's photo First Place Trophy

Summer Softcore Kickball in West Seattle

  Kick Yo Couch Ninja's

Kick Yo Couch Ninja's take West Seattle Kickball crown.

Entering the playoffs after an undefeated regular season, Kick Yo Couch Ninja's had a big target on their back. They knew it wouldn't be a cake walk and had to bring their "A" game if the Ninjas were going to bring home the title.

In game 1 they were given all they could handle by the upstart Band of Miskicks. The Ninjas clung on to a 3-1 lead until they exploded for 5 runs in the 5th to put the game away.

In the regular season finale, the Ninjas squeaked out an 8-7 win over Pitches & Bros. The 2 teams seemed destined to face-off in the Championship game. The Pitches took the early 2-1 lead and were looking to pull off the upset, but the Ninjas did everything they could do to manufacture runs. Kick Yo Couch squeezed out 5 runs late and held on for the 6-2 victory. Congrats to Kick Yo Couch Ninja's for taking home the inaugural west Seattle kickball title!

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Pitches and Bros photo
Second Place Trophy

Summer Softcore Kickball in West Seattle
Second Place

Pitches and Bros

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Kick Yo Couch Ninja's
8 0 0 16 19
  Pitches and Bros
4 4 0 8 66
  High Point Hustlers
3 4 0 6 60
  Band of Miskicks-Indy West Seattle #1
0 7 0 0 126
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