Mini Golf Schedule

Drinks on the Links #8 - Tuesdays


Tuesday, August 2

POTW - Julia : Sandwich Time
POTW - Julia : Sandwich Time
Well, it wasn't Super Hero night, but Julia sure played like she had super powers!!!

Or maybe she got super powers after her spill in the lagoon..... sorry about that!!!

Whatever it was, Julia was on fire tonight, hitting 3 hole-in-ones, her first night on the course.

Way to go Julia, and Happy Birthday Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, August 9

POTW - Sarah P. : "Putt it Out"
For better...or for worse!!!
What a great night for a wedding.... a putt-putt style wedding anyway!

With Sarah's upcoming wedding constantly in the back of her mind, she thought, why not incorporate it into a night on the course!!! Though she didn't stand in as the bride tonight, not a single detail was missed.

We had a bride in white with a long flowing veil and a wedding party all matching in black; and it was almost as though that hole in the end of the putter was meant for a bridal bouquet, as the bridesmaids were complete with flowers and all.

Tonight, Molly took Jairo's hand in marriage (even though she is already married to Pete) and they all lived happily ever after, at least for the next 18 holes!!

Best Man, Matt gave a beautiful toast at the end of the evening, "To Jairo and Molly, I don't think you could have found a better match!...Sorry Pete!"

Way to go team on the best, most creative theme I have seen thus far!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16

Theme Night - Plaid Night
POTW - Megan : Boozing Bogeys!!!
POTW - Megan : Boozing Bogeys!!!
Plaid Everywhere!
Megan was on fire tonight with 2 holes in one. She showed her team how its done on the 2nd hole and inspired 3 of them to also go for the gold and get holes in one for themselves. Great shooter and great motivator. AND GREAT PLAID!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23

Theme Night - Nerd Night
POTW - Elliott : Tee Totalers!!!
POTW - Elliott : Tee Totalers!!!
Race to the finish line!
It was an intense battle between Elliott, Dee from "US Drinking Team" and BreeAnn from "I like Turtles"

Each with 2 hole-in-ones on the nights, it was a tough choice... but with a 5 under par score of 37, Elliott was an obvious choice.

Not only did Elliott get 2 himself, he inspired more players on his team to also get hole-in-ones tonight, with a team total of 5.

"I like Turtles" had 4 and "Tee Totalers" had 3!

Way to go Elliott and an honorable mention to Dee and BreeAnn!!!

Tuesday, August 30

Theme Night - Mustache Night
Playoff Date 8/30
4 Teams Advance, All Teams Golf!
Playoff Teams:

Two Girls, One Putt
I Like Turtles
You call it a sock, I call it a dreamcatcher
Y'all Ready for This