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Spring Softcore Kickball at Lower Woodlands Thursdays

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Thursday, June 1

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Catch Me Ousssside forfeited to Sit on my Base.
Keith Smith
Keith Smith
Hold My Kick
Kevin had several home runs on the day that would help his team towards winning the title. He was superb on defense making a lot of clutch catches, one even sliding on his knees. And boy does he have a leg. Did I mention the homeruns? He was kicking over everyone's head, it was insane!
We Got The Runs
We Got The Runs
Hearts of Champions
We Got the Runs had one of the greatest performances that I have ever seen in Underdog Kickball. They would climb from the lowest seed all the way to the championship game. A true feat in it of itself. Unfortunately their great game was not in the championship but in the semifinal. They would battle back from behind to force the game into extra innings and then win with some clutch hitting and stellar defense. The last game of the season may not have gone the way that they wanted, but after watching them in that semifinal game I have to say. They are Champions in my book!
  Field 4 Field 5 Field 6
8:00 PM
  Hot Chicks Huge Kicks [9]
  Chicken McThuggets [15]
POTG: Tayler W
  We Got The Runs [6]
  Kick Us Out Of The Ballgame [3]
POTG: Stewart M
8:45 PM
  Sit on my Base [3]
  Hold My Kick [16]
POTG: Jenny V
  We Got The Runs [13]
  Chicken McThuggets [11]
POTG: Cody N
9:45 PM
  We Got The Runs [0]
  Hold My Kick [16]
POTG: James O

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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