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Winter Softcore Volleyball at First Baptist Thursdays


Thursday Night Sets photo First Place Trophy

Softcore Volleyball at First Baptist Thursdays

  Thursday Night Sets

The Perfect Season

Years. The core group of players from Thursday Night Sets has been playing together with Underdog for years. They have seen teammates come and go: friends, co-workers, co-workers' significant others... and finally! They have reached the winning combination.

The entire season they excelled, serving up the perfect 6-0 regular season. Week after week, remarkable saves, serves, and rallies! Coming into the post season as the (1) seed, they had their eyes set on the prize and only 3 matches stood between them and the coveted champions headbands.

The first post-season match was closer than expected as the (8) seed put up a fight and took one of the games. Thursday Night Sets kept their cool and moved on to the next round. The (1)/(5) match up was a competitive warm-up for Thursday Night Sets, but they were on their game and moved on to the finals where they faced off against the (2) seed. The championship match was a nail biter! Thursday Night Sets narrowly took the first game, lost the second, and rallied to hold on in the third.

The perfect 9-0 season was celebrated at Bill's where the team recapped the season and made plans for the next.

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Thursday Night Sets
9 0 0 18 6
  Bump, Set, Pow
7 2 0 14 6
  Lovely Lady Bumps
5 3 0 10 10
  Ball So Hard
4 3 0 8 6
  Unprotected Sets
4 4 0 8 11
  The Volley Llamas
1 6 0 2 19
  Spikeasaurus Rex
1 6 0 2 18
  Bump Up the Jams - Indy #V7
0 7 0 0 17
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Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.