Good and bad day at Ballard Playfield. First: we all pray and hope for PDRs for PBRs' Joel Dazey's health and safety after a collision during an unimaginably tough play. Get better soon Joel. We also had championship games to play. That brought out intensity and excitement, as shown by play. Championship game at 6pm was won by South Prop Drop (sporting 'Champion 2016' wrist bands and t-shirts after the game) versus Brews on First. In our 7pm game, the 2016 Champion PDRs for PBRs won their game, but at a great cost. Shout out to Gone with the Wind Fabulous for great sportsmanship. We simply could not play on after J. Dazey's injury and the teams decided to call the game for good cause. Again, congrats to our Spring 2016 champions and get better soon Joel Dazey.