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Spring Gentlemens Flag Football at Juantia HS Tuesdays


Chauncey Biggerstein photo First Place Trophy

SPR[10] Gentlemens Flag Football at Juantia HS Tuesdays

  Chauncey Biggerstein

Champion Biggerstein

In the mens championship game brought two teams that were a cut above the rest. Chauncey Biggerstein and the Ass Clowns. Both teams are loaded with athletes and QB's who know how to find them on the field. The game was close going into half, but Ass Clowns wanted it to be closer and burned a couple of time-outs that would be costly down the stretch in a two score game. Chauncey chipped away making big plays near the goal line, and the "D" came up big for them slowing a very well rounded offense lead by Pauly. both teams played great seasons, and didn't disappoint with great plays during the course of the game, Biggerstein was able to make a few more, which was the difference! Great job to both teams!

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Ass Clowns photo
Second Place Trophy

SPR[10] Gentlemens Flag Football at Juantia HS Tuesdays
Second Place

Ass Clowns

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Chauncey Biggerstein 8 1 0 16 262
2   Ass Clowns 7 3 0 14 290
3   Slumpbusters 6 3 0 12 292
4   Prestige Worldwide 4 5 0 8 278
5   Malicious 4 4 0 8 315
6   Baby Maker's Mark 2 7 0 4 332
7   Regulators 0 8 0 0 323
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