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Winter Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays


Morning Missiles photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays

  Morning Missiles

Rallies galore!!
Two champion caliber teams put up a fight with lots of great rallies

Tonight’s finals match was an awesome spectacle of great volleyball. After winning their semi-finals matches Morning Missiles and Blockheads faced off across the net and each gave the performance of true athletes. From serving aces to net domination and from smart sets to saving digs these two teams put it all together and gave it their all.

Morning Missiles started off game 1 with a killer spike that set the tone for the whole match. Blockheads saw what they were up against and were not going to go down without a fight. Facing off in the front middle were two powerhouses, Ben from Morning Missiles and Chris from Blockheads. Throughout all three games these two showed what they could do with massive blocks and killer spikes. They’re not too shabby in the back row either as they threw their bodies to the ground for some clutch saves.

One of my favorite parts to this matchup was that both teams played 4 girls and 2 guys, and the girls dominated. The Dahlstrom sisters, from Blockheads, are two forces to watch out for. Mady has a wicked swing that racked up many points for her team throughout the night. Amanda is the team’s setter who plays very smart ball and has some of the best sets I have seen in the league.

I would say things are pretty even amongst the girls on the Morning Missiles side. Tonight however Kerrynne knocked it out of the park from the serving line. During their semi-finals match she pulled the team out of a rut with a serving run and she continued to rack up ace after ace during the rest of the nights games. Rachel was another rock star tonight, using her height and wits to make smart plays.

With both teams being stacked with skill & determination it really was anyone’s game tonight. However, we all know that there can only be one champion. With just a few more aces and a few more kills than their opponents the Morning Missiles got to walk away with the coveted title, Underdog Champs!

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Blockheads photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Tuesdays
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Morning Missiles
7 2 0 14 10
  Liquid Courage
6 2 0 12 5
6 (1)º 3 0 12 8
  Butt Sets
5 3 0 10 9
  Notorious DIG
4 3 0 8 8
  Indy #V8
2 5 0 4 14
1 6 (1)º 0 2 16
  Volley Llamas
0 7 0 0 18
º Forfeits
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