Spring Coed Dodgeball - Wallingford - Wed

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Wednesday, April 19

6 Teams Advance to Playoff Round
All teams will have a scheduled match, but top 6 in standings qualify for the Playoff Round
POTW: Tenaya Sims
POTW: Tenaya Sims
The Shooting Cheney's
With his elusive moves, Tenaya Sims rarely was knocked out of a match, and when you combine that with his ability to catch balls and keep his players coming back in the game, you have an idea as to why Tenaya is the Player of the Week. Winning the championship for Spring '06 didnt hurt either.
  Court 1 Court 2
7:30 PM
7:50 PM
8:10 PM
  Dodge This! [2]
  Duck & Cover [5]
8:30 PM
  Rule 76 [2]
  Red Rockets [9]
8:50 PM
  The Red Burn [4]
  Rule 76 [5]

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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