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Late Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays


Indycent Exposure photo First Place Trophy

Late Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays

  Indycent Exposure

Another Championship for Indecent Exposure
$4.99 All You Can Eat Pancakes Loses in 2 Sets

Indycent Exposure is a team that was formed in Spring of 2019. Up to this point they have played 5 seasons together. During those 5 seasons they have competed in 5 championships and won 3.

Captain of the team, Nanhua says this team was good from the beginning. "We got lucky. We all signed up as Indy players and it turns out we really play well together as a team."

In last night's match, Indycent Exposure took charge in the first set winning 25-11. In the second set, Pancakes fought back and they fought back HARD. At the tail end of the second set, Pancakes was down 17-23. Something clicked and Pancakes began sweeping points from Indycent Exposure with an array of blocks and aggressive attacks. At 23-23, Pancakes lost the last 2 points back-to-back leading to Indycent Exposure's 3rd Championship win.

Congratulations to both teams on an impressive season!

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Second Place Trophy

Late Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays
Second Place

$4.99 All You Can Eat Pancakes

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Volley Llamas
6 1 0 12 4
  Back That Ace Up
4 3 (1)º 0 8 5
  Indycent Exposure
6 2 0 12 5
  Ball Blockers
3 4 0 6 11
  $4.99 All You Can Eat Pancakes
5 4 0 10 14
  Poop sandwich
3 (1)º 3 0 6 8
1 5 0 2 15
  Serves of Steel
0 6 0 0 18
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º Forfeits
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