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Winter Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Wednesdays 7pm


Roy Munson's Kids photo First Place Trophy

Winter Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Wednesdays 7pm

  Roy Munson's Kids

Roy Munson's Kids Win Underdog Bowling Championship!

All Teams came to win tonight, you could hear pins drop as Roy Munson's Kids, Guns and Gutters, Admiral Snackbar, and Angry Pirates gathered for the championship play offs. Angry Pirates took a break from the "Animal House" to bring the heat against Guns and Gutters. It was close but Guns took the lead halfway through the first game and clinched a spot in the champ bracket.

Roy's kids was the favored winner out of this match and Admiral Snackbar put up on hell of a fight. Alas, they were no match against Roy's not so secret weapons, Will, Drew and Gary, a team who have been winning Underdog Championships for 11 seasons.

The show went on as Angry Pirates and Admiral Snackbar faced off in a true show down of the high seas...but Admiral Snackbar didn't know that "It was a trap!" as Angry Pirates grabbed the bronze medal.

Roy's kids went for the jugular off the bat but Gun's proved to be worthy opponents taking the lead early in the game. It didn't last long though and Roy's kids came back with a vengeance and took the title. Congrats Roy Munson's Kids for being Underdog Bowling Champions! And bravo to all the teams in the championship, way to bowl!!

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Guns and Gutters photo
Second Place Trophy

Winter Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Wednesdays 7pm
Second Place

Guns and Gutters

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Angry Pirates photo
Third Place Trophy

Winter Big Turkey Bowling at Imperial Wednesdays 7pm
Third Place

Angry Pirates

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  Team Total Score
1   Roy Munson's Kids 24
2   Guns and Gutters 23
3   Angry Pirates 18
4   The Gutter Sluts 17
5   Admiral Snackbar 16
6   The Right Coast 12
7   The Deep V's - Indy #2 11
8   Vinegar Strokes 11
9   Shots & Strikes 9
10   Split Happens 9
11   Elysian Too 8
12   BellyItchers in Training 8
13   Tanqueray and Tab 7
14   Occupy Ball Street - Indy #1 6
15   Elysian 5
16   Split Busters 4
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Teams are ranked by their cumulative score throughout the season.
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.