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Softball Standings

Spring Co-ed Softball at Northacres Sundays


The Big Cats photo First Place Trophy

Co-ed Softball at Northacres Sundays

  The Big Cats

Big Cats Capture First Ever League Title
Lady Cats Hot at the Plate All Day Long

The Big Cats can finally relax and savor the moment after knocking off the Moist Towelettes to secure their very first league title. After their semi final matchup with That's What She Said everyone in the building had a feeling that this team was destined. I have seen them come up short in years past in heart breaker games and they always vow to be back and get that league title. Well, Sunday was their day and they would not be denied. Led by Peter, Tristan, Jordan, Jacob, Evan. Matt, Lindsay, Alyssa, Allison, Franchesca, Robbie and the rest of the crew, they were simply too focused and too determined to let this championship slip away. Congratulations to the Big Cats or as I like to call them "El gatos Grande" on your first league title and we look forward to seeing you defend. As the saying goes, "it's hard to get to the top and even harder to stay there". They look like a team that's going to rule for a while until other teams can match their energy and play. Great game everyone!!

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Moist Towelettes photo
Second Place Trophy

Co-ed Softball at Northacres Sundays
Second Place

Moist Towelettes

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That's What SHE Said!! photo
Third Place Trophy

Co-ed Softball at Northacres Sundays
Third Place

That's What SHE Said!!

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  The Big Cats
7 2 0 14 108
  Moist Towelettes
6 3 0 12 139
6 3 0 12 151
  That's What SHE Said!!
5 4 0 10 111
5 3 0 10 147
  Chico's Bail Bonds
3 5 0 6 133
  Barking Geckos
1 6 0 2 160
  The Crows
0 7 0 0 168
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.