Boost Employee Morale with Underdog Trivia

6 Reasons your next company party should be an online trivia event.


Your friendships and employee morale in the office were not so great to start with. Now everyone is working from home, stressed out, and they hate that damn video-conferencing room. 


Stop googling "pub triva questions" online and making your own games from scratch. 


Setup a Trivia Party with Underdog and let us do the work of creating the content, hosting, scoring, team formation, and letting your employees actually interact with each other and have some fun. 


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Here are 6 ways Underdog Trivia can help: 


1) Actually See and Collaborate with Your Co-Workers - 


Most online trivia sucks because you don't see your teammates, just some multiple choice board. If Kahoot and Crowdpurr work for you thats great ... but you can do better to build connections in your office. Underdog uses private rooms where you can solve puzzles and brainstorm and joke around with your team. 


2) Friend Building - Break Some Silos


Just like our normal corporate events, we love breaking silos and starting new friendships. Give us a list of your people and we will form teams and rooms which will help you break silos across departments and teams and form new connections. 


3) Google Killed your Trivia Game


The only thing worse than lame trivia, is lame trivia that is easy to cheat at. Underdog Trivia is built around simple fun questions that are image based so its really hard to use the google-cheating-machine just to be a big shot around your co-workers. One way to ruin morale is to let Fred cheat over and over again and turn your fun event into a house of lies. 


4) No Extra App, Login, or Friction 


If you have Zoom, you are set (and yes we can use "teams" also). You dont need to download an extra app to make 202 on your phone. We share the puzzles and questions at a private site where you can submit questions instead of yelling them out. 


5) Live Host and Live Experience 


This isnt a robot feeding you questions. It's a live Trivia Host who can customize the experience, answer questions and crack some jokes. Robots and multiple choices aren't going to boost your company morale. 


6) Re-frame the Room 


Everyone is kinda over that video conferecing room, so meeting up online to actually have fun will go a long way towards keeping morale and friendships up. Plus we leave time to hang out with your teammates before and after the game to further build connections. 


Fill out your info below and lets get your trivia party on the books.